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Gavel March Madness Facebook Thread: Live bracket destruction

Inspired by the Grantland email exchanges, Gavel Media has made its very own Facebook thread to capture the ups and downs of March Madness. For reference, here are the brackets of our editors Teddy Kolva, Jake Miller, Shannon Cogan, and Robert Rossi. Sports contributors Andrew Schofield and Teddy Accardi also got in on the action today.

12:01 pm Robert Rossi

  • How far do you guys have Michigan State going? If they lose this first game I might start breaking things in my Mod.
  • Just kidding everything's already broken.

12:07pm Jake Miller

  • Charles Barkley doesn't sound like a Michigan St fan

12:10pm Teddy Kolva

  • Barkley's voice is music to my ears. Painful, awkward, slurred music, that is.
  • As a legitimate preliminary, who is one coach you all would want to play under in this bracket?

12:15pm Robert Rossi

  • My instinct was to say Rick Pitino but that's only so I could take revenge on him for turning the Boston Celtics into a complete joke during my formative childhood years. So I'd say Shaka Smart. He seems like the man.

12:16pm Teddy Kolva

  • Me as well. Go no further than the VCU-Kansas game...the guy lives vicariously through his players, and that is meant in the best way possible.

12:17pm Andrew Schofield

  • You guys are going to make me throw up in class...Call me when Shaka wins a 'ship.

12:23pm Robert Rossi

  • My roommate: "Where's Valparaiso?"
  • Me: I want to say California.
  • Google: Indiana.

12:32pm Jake Miller

  • Valpo looks like that scene from "Like Mike" when no one wants to take the shot so they pass it back and forth till the shot clock runs out.

12:33pm Teddy Kolva

  • Yes, so true. AKA BC basketball the first leg of the season.

12:33pm Robert Rossi

  • Olivier Hanlan = Lil' Bow Wow

12:33pm Teddy Kolva

  • Love how Hanlan and Rahon started taking it to the rim eventually. Too bad it took 10 irreparable losses before that happened.

12:41pmJake Miller

  • Teddy, my pick time is at 5... CoRo chillin'.

12:43pm Teddy Kolva

  • Wow that is the best pick time I have heard of yet. 6:30 is mine. GUYS: who has a better shot of getting what they want: Jake getting 66 or Valpo winning.

12:44pm Robert Rossi

  • Jake has a better shot at the Strip Mod than Valpo has winning.

12:45pm Jake Miller

  • As a rising Sophomore, yeah it's more likely I'll to be chosen to replace Jerry York than Valpo winning this game.

1:05pmRobert Rossi

  • "Strong first half for Michigan State. Not so much for Valparaiso." UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.

1:07pmTeddy Accardi

  • Willman on Bucknell is scoring all of their points, but is really winning over my heart with the ginger beard.
  • Aaaaaand Butler missed a dunk.

1:11pmRobert Rossi

  • Is a team field goal percentage of 40 too much to ask in any of the games? Now I remember why I only watch the NBA every other month of the basketball season.

1:35Teddy Kolva

  • Now that the Wichita St - Pitt game has started (I picked Pitt in one, WSU in the other), what exactly is a shocker?

1:46pmTeddy Accardi

  • A hand gesture....

2:19pm Andrew Schofield

  • For you ignorant east coasters, a "Shocker" is one who harvests wheat. "Shocking" is a folksy way of saying "Harvesting"
  • ...So let's hope WSU harvests a lot of wheat today?
  • I'm starting to realize I have Pitt going way too far...Only drunk me would have put them in the Elite 8
  • By the way, this Joe Willman character from Bucknell bears an uncanny resemblance to the Great Brian Scalabrine

4:13pm Robert Rossi


4:13pm Shannon Joyce

  • Yeah, because who likes Pittsburgh anyhow?

4:17pm Jake Miller

  • Pittsburgh is not a very nice place, no

4:27pm Robert Rossi

  • Brackets are like love. First loss is always the roughest.

4:33pm Andrew Schofield

  • PITT
  • Never should have abandoned my brethren in the Heartland

We leave the afternoon with the majority of our brackets and dignity intact, but the draw of March Madness is the unpredictability that can give any team their shot at a Cinderella Story, so stay tuned for our next installment...


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