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#TBT playlist - Peace, Not Apartheid week

It’s pretty hard to miss the 8-foot-tall wall that is currently set up on the front lawn of Stokes.

Covered in pictures, quotes and two graffiti paintings, the wall was put up by Boston College Students for Justice in Palestine, or BCSJP, to kick off their “Peace, Not Apartheid” week. The group is sponsoring a number of events this week, all of which can be found here, to raise awareness about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and take a pro-Palestine stance on the issue. More importantly though, the group wishes to foster dialogue about the issue around campus.

(Opinion: Peace, Not Apartheid Week)

In honor of Peace, Not Apartheid week and #TBT, we’re giving you the top 10 songs about peace, love and harmony to fuel your passions about the conflict. Why can’t everyone just get along?

10) (What’s So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love, and UnderstandingNick Lowe/Elvis Costello (1974)


Nothing really. They seem pretty serious to me.

9) Bomb the World – Michael Franti & Spearhead (2003)


Written to protest the war in the aftermath of September 11, Michael Franti had a point to prove in saying, “You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb it into peace.”

8) Peace on Earth – U2 (2000)


Inspired by the Real IRA Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland in 1998, this one’s got some real power behind its punch (a peaceful punch, of course).

7) The Times They Are a-Changin’ – Bob Dylan (1964)


One of Dylan’s most famous songs, it was recorded on an album of the same name that consisted of mostly ballads concerning issues such as racism, poverty and social change, which was characteristic of the political and social activism of the 1960s.

6) Peace Like a River – Paul Simon (1972)


Even Garfunkel-less, this guy knew what he was talking about.

5) Change – Tracy Chapman (2005)


Tracy Chapman was known for her commitment to political and social activism, and boy could that girl sing.

4) One Love – Bob Marley (1965)


Known by all for his aspirations of love and peace (and some other things), Bob Marley represents an essential force in bringing awareness to the political and cultural issues in Jamaica and around the world.

3) What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong (1967)


Good ol’ Louis reminds us to take a look around every once in a while, because once you see beyond that wall between Palestine and Israel, the world is really wonderful out there.

2) Peace Train – Cat Stevens (1971)


Cat Stevens has “been smiling lately, dreaming about the world as one” and you should too.

1) Imagine – John Lennon (1971)


The quintessential song of world unity and peace. John Lennon just wanted everyone to get along and live in harmony, a legacy which still lives on to this day. BCSJP is making a very important step in promoting awareness of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and, maybe someday, we too will be able to “imagine all the people living life in peace.”


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