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Welcome to the Dreamcliff

If you made the choice to live in Greycliff when you were faced with other unappealing options, count yourself lucky.

Greycliff is unequivocably the hidden gem of BC campus—it is probably a hidden gem because it is not even on campus. Most people don’t know where it is or what it looks like. It is a beautiful brick house with columns in front, halfway between Foster Street and El Pelon and across from the graveyard bus stop. Inside is a circular staircase, with hallways coming off from it and funny-shaped but spacious rooms off the hallways. It looks so different from a dorm because it is a converted house—you won’t feel like a lab rat walking down never-ending hallways of uniformity. Although you will have to figure out some creative solution for not losing your key—I say wear it around your neck like a BAMF.

When the weather is beautiful, the walk from Greycliff to Lower Dining Hall is the perfect way to start a morning, 10 minutes of sunshine and an easy downward climb. However, if you are like me and usually wake up as late as possible, then invest in TransLoc and take the bus to campus each morning. Conveniently, there is a bus stop right in front of your door. For you nature lovers, walk out the door and turn to the right, and the edge of the gorgeous Brighton campus is right there for your wanderings.

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The location of Greycliff is in part what makes it so special. It really feels like an intermediary between living on and off-campus. You have much more independence at Greycliff away from the watchful eye of the administration and BCPD. Your friends will want to come pregame with you before they go out, because Greycliff is the perfect launch point for a night at Foster, South Street, 2000, Radnor, and all those fun off-campus get-togethers that typify the BC social scene for sophomores and juniors.

It is so much easier to make friends at Greycliff. When I came to school, I thought that I would spend nights talking and laughing till 2 A.M. in the study lounges, meeting new people from my hall and discussing philosophy. This did not happen. And it does not happen in “prime” places like Vandy, where there are hundreds of people, all trying to ignore you and spend as much time as possible with their friends. Instead, when I lived there, after a couple weeks I mustered the courage to go down to the study lounge and sit with people I didn’t know. We started a conversation, and next thing I knew I’d made friends.

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Everything that you secretly hate about BC—the conformist attitude, the feeling that you don’t fit in with that one quarter of the population that uses Longchamp bags or bros out—you will not find at Greycliff. Those people all got housing at Vandy. Away from the BC bubble, you feel free to make the friends you want, act how you want, and wear what you want. You will walk around Greycliff like it is your home. You will feel at home. This is something your friends on campus will not experience.

At Greycliff, you will be one of a bunch of misfits, men and women who are smart and wonderful but didn’t get dream housing. Nobody thinks they want to be at Greycliff—and this “we don’t give a dang” attitude is the best thing about Greycliff. The RAs don’t want to be there, so they feel more like your friends, not the long arm of BC law. And everybody who is there, away from their main friend groups, wants to make friends and actually has the time to make friends, because they are away from the BC bubble. We dubbed it “Dreamcliff,” and felt so much pride for our beloved, quirky, reject dorm.

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If you are still nervous about living at the Dreamcliff, don’t forget that your friends who were blessed by the Housing Gods will still be on-campus—they won’t forget about you. In fact, they will likely be mired in the drama that inevitably comes with living with 9 people in one space and will come running into your open Greycliff arms.

Be happy you have chosen to live in such a wonderful place. It is truly unique. It is an opportunity to make close friends and create a home for yourself, that people in Vandy, 66, and other huge dorms will not be able to experience. I echo the sentiments of Senior Victoria Soal, “It’s a way to feel like an adult and still part of an on-campus community. If I could do housing over again, I would choose to live in Greycliff again. Not even a question.” Welcome to Dreamcliff!