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NCAA March Madness: Editors' picks revisited

Last week, editors Jake Miller, Teddy Kolva, Shannon Cogan and Robert Rossi broke down their brackets for all to see as part of Gavel Media’s NCAA March Madness coverage for this year. While confidence and hubris abounded in the last installment, this second bracket review serves as an appeal to the basketball gods, as these writers bemoan their forsaken brackets.


Jake Miller, Associate Sports Editor

I knew I would be in this position a week a week ago when Georgetown, Butler and Gonzaga, three of my Final Four picks, were almost bounced from the tournament in the Round of 62. They did not last much longer. The closest thing to accuracy I have in my bracket is Louisville making the Final Four. Ouch.

One silver lining that I can draw from my picks is that Creighton, sent packing by Duke last night by a score of 66-50, went much further in the tournament than anyone might have expected; I knew my Jesuits would let me down.

Here are my other, less impressive picks of the tournament:

Akron over VCU, New Mexico State over Saint Louis, and New Mexico over Harvard.

While those first two are downright foolish, I don’t think anyone expected Harvard to pull that upset as the 14th seed.

In short, I blame the failure of my bracket on its pragmatism and the inability of the New Mexico teams to live up to my standards.


Teddy Kolva, Sports Editor

My bracket was nearly perfect the first day of the tournament, only to crash and burn in typical March Madness fashion. I correctly picked Harvard to upset New Mexico and went 15-for-16  on the very first day. All was well with the world. I thought my close observation of college hoops this year had payed off and that I would rest atop this fine leaderboard for days on end.

Boy, was I wrong.

Day two of the NCAA tournament saw Georgetown, who I had picked to win the national championship, decidedly lose to Florida Gulf Coast University. I didn't even know there was such a thing as Florida Gulf Coast University?!?!

Thanks, Otto Porter, for making me and America look like complete fools. We all thought this Georgetown team would be the first DC school to make it far since Roy Hibbert and Co. No one bothered to consider FGCU--let alone believe they had the firepower to take down a No. 2 seed.

I also picked Wisconsin to beat Ole Miss and sweep the rest of the teams until the Elite 8.

Of course Bo Ryan's always-shaky squad failed me. I should have known that was coming.

And so my bracket was doomed--at least until everyone else's champion loses and I end up with the most total points.
Shannon Cogan, Copy Editor

I have to be honest, I really feel pretty good about Marquette. Basically because I have to. They're my sole remaining Final Four team after going 14 of 16 on the first day, I did particularly poorly in the East and West after that first day and will probably not recover for the win. My need to succeed as the lone woman in this mess keeps me going strong, GIRL POWER WILL COME THROUGH! If only to save me from last place, I've got a shot at beating Jake.

I'd like to look at the bright side, destroyed bracket considered, and I felt pretty good about picking Harvard to win and uhhh... Well, I also seriously appreciate the Witchita State pep band's generous helping of sass and Florida Gulf Coast's Cinderella Story and dirty dunk skills.

Florida GC has become my new favorite because I have nothing to lose when they win (since the Hoyas are out) and rooting for the underdog is always a good time. Their mascot is also an eagle named Azul and I am an Eagle who understands Spanish, so that's basically fate for them to become my team. Yeah, it's a stretch, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do at this point.


Robert Rossi, Managing Editor

Let's begin with some bracket commiseration. Last week, I wrote that filling out my bracket and watching it fall to pieces made me feel like Biggie made 2Pac feel. Well, I'm writing these words to the sounds of "Bomb First" by 2Pac Makaveli. And when I look at my bracket right now I think, to paraphrase the intro of the song, "YOU STILL... LIVING? YOU STILL BREATHING?!?!?"

My Final Four stands 75 percent strong, as the Michigan State Spartans, Ohio State Buckeyes and Miami Hurricanes all took care of business with varying degrees of "OMG they're going to blow it oh wait no they didn't ppphhhheeeewww!" thrown in. Well done, Rob.

The same cannot be said for the Georgetown Hoyas, who not only blew it, but suffered the most embarrassing loss of the tournament. It's not just that they were the highest seed to lose in the opening round, it's that the Hoyas got absolutely steamrolled by a school that is younger than me. Yes, the once-mighty, once-proud Georgetown basketball program got wrecked by a school that didn't even hold a class until 1997. Picture 3 In fact, it was quite that awful weekend for Jesuit schools, as top-seeded Gonzaga also got upset by 9-seed Wichita St. I'd take this time to gloat about not having picked Zaga to make the Sweet 16, except the team I picked to take that spot, Kansas State, lost its opening round game to 13-seed La Salle (which is a Catholic but not Jesuit university according to Google). Four years at BC has taught me to never count on a Jesuit school to win basketball games, so I could take solace in the fact that unlike some other people in this article, I didn't pick one to win the whole tourney.

However, I'd rather take this moment to express my genuine and bottomless regret at picking VCU to beat Michigan, as a New Englander picking against Tom Brady's alma mater before the Sweet 16 is a terrible sin and I deserve to have my bracket wrecked. My South region on Yahoo! looks like it ran into Jack the Ripper.

I also want to say that the miserable state of my bracket drove me to stay in all weekend along with Emily Akin and a few other members of our staff making this BC Confessions/Macklemore hybrid video. Check it out!

All that said, my champ is still alive, which is really all that matters. So before I say something done and jinx it, I'm just going to let Will Smith take us out. Go 'Canes!



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