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Top 5 reasons to attend the ALC Showdown Pep Rally

It’s that time of year again, folks.

No, not Easter break. Although that would be the stereotypical response to hear from a student at a Jesuit school.

It’s ALC Showdown season and dance teams all over campus are busy gearing up for the big event to take place on April 6 in Conte Forum. For those of you who don’t know (and by “those of you” I mean freshmen), the ALC Showdown is an annual BC event put on by the AHANA Leadership Council in which BC dance teams including Sexual Chocolate, Fuego del Corazon, UPrising, and DOBC compete against each other for the ultimate prize: eternal glory (as well as the minor perks of 1st place honors and bragging rights around campus).

In preparation for this monumental event, the AHANA Caucus is hosting a pep rally on Tuesday, Mar. 26 from 4-6 p.m. in the quad, and Gavel Media has received some breaking news: everyone at BC is going to be there. If you still aren’t convinced that this will be the biggest thing since, well, last year’s ALC Showdown, here are our top 5 reasons to attend the ALC Showdown Pep Rally:

1) You can get free dance lessons from the winners of last year’s showdown. Marci Park, A&S ’13 and co-director of the AHANA Caucus, says that they "wanted something fun and engaging for both the general BC population and the performers.” Whether it’s Barchata from the captains of Fuego or the Dougie from members of UPrising, you’re sure to learn some new moves. Just think, this could be you at the next Mod party:


2) Popcorn. Cotton candy. Glow sticks. We’re talking full-blown county fair fun here, people. With the sweet smell of carnival food drifting across campus, it’ll be hard not to stop by the quad for a couple minutes or even a couple hours. And if pink and blue sugar doesn't float your boat, the glow sticks will certainly be the kicker. ALC is handing out free glow sticks with the purchase of a Showdown ticket at the event. There will also be ALC Showdown T-shirts on sale for $10 each. “We're making it as convenient as possible for people to purchase tickets or T-shirts for the Showdown by having it all in one location. You can even decorate your newly purchased Showdown T-shirt with glow-in-the-dark paint!” says Park.

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Mejia

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Mejia

3) You can become part of the Showdown too! You don’t have to be a dancer to display your talents in Conte Forum (although God knows I wish I could step dance like BCID). Students can take part in painting a giant banner that will be showcased during the event. There will also be numerous activities at the pep rally for students to unleash their creative sides, including henna tattoos, face painting and a poster making station to support their favorite dance teams.

4) It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, including AHANA Caucus representatives. It’s no secret that UGBC is a deeply layered organization, with many levels of leadership and multiple divisions. Attending the pep rally will allow students to interact with and meet some of the AHANA Caucus representatives from all the different culture clubs around campus who help put the Showdown together, and perhaps make some new friends as well! It’s a great way to bring students together and showcase the spirit of diversity that is alive on BC’s campus. Park says, “I'm so excited. It's our third annual pep rally and it's become a great tradition leading up to the Showdown.”

5) If the pep rally doesn't get you pumped, then nothing will!

So head on down to the quad on Tuesday for some free dance lessons and serious face paint, and make sure to purchase a ticket to the ALC Showdown on April 6 for $15 through the Robsham box office or online here.


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