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Solutions to BC Confessions

BC Confessions has gained over 3,000 likes and close to 4,500 submissions since its inception on February 20. Common posts about academics, loneliness, and relationships show that many of us feel the same, even if we don't acknowledge it in person.

Here are ten common themes of confessions and ways to deal with them:

1. Being Polite

#3659: I've resolved to do at least one nice thing for a stranger (outside of common courtesy) everyday. Please don't thank me, don't write a confession about it, just pass it on.

SOLUTION: We are all guilty of the look away, but smile if you see someone you know. We know you aren't texting. Say thank you. Clean up after yourself in the dining hall. People appreciate small gestures.

2. Dating/Hook-Ups
#4171: As a guy at BC, I've found it very frustrating meeting girls here. It seems like the few I do meet are either already in a relationship or are only interested in a one night hookup, but nothing beyond that. So my question is, how are these couples meeting? I'm down to just ask random girls around campus on dates if that's what I have to do, but I'm really running out of ideas here.

SOLUTION: Whether or not you're involved in the hook-up culture is your decision, but take initiative if you want to change it. Confessing a campus crush on Facebook will only go so far, so approach people!

3. Depression

#4112: Sometimes I feel so worthless. I feel like good things are going to happen, and then everything around me falls apart and I never know how to respond. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to deal with things anymore. I never feel like someone is there for me, and I'm constantly worried about being alone. I try to put on a happy face about everything and be positive, but on the inside I just feel so hopeless and worthless. I just want to give up.

SOLUTION: Visit University Counseling Services in Gasson 001 Monday through Friday 8:45 AM to 4:45 PM or call 617-552-3310.

4. Judgement about not partying
#4330: As much as I like BC, the fact that I don't drink makes me question my decision every day. I only have a few friends, and I feel like everyone judges me for not going out on the weekends.

SOLUTION: Be yourself. If you don't want to go out, then don't. Do what 's best for you.

5. Anonymously confessing feelings/complimenting

#4284: Berent Labrecque may be a little shy but luckily I had the privilege of getting to know him earlier this year and can honestly say I'm way better off because of it. Great guy who everyone should get to know

SOLUTION: People like to be noticed. It may be the scariest thing you do, but tell people you appreciate them.

6. Confrontation

#4279: My friend has to be the centre of attention. I don't think she even realizes that she treats me more like an audience than a friend.

SOLUTION: While the confessions page is a great opportunity to share feelings anonymously, don't let it substitute face-to-face interaction. If you need to confront people's behavior, do it in person.

7. Body Image

#3881: I have an eating disorder. I'm a guy.

SOLUTION: Seek help! There are resources for you on campus. Visit the Center for Health Promotion for counseling in Gasson 025 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

8. Academics

#4318: I can't catch a break this year. In high school, I was so used to being a high-flying student with a stellar GPA and great grades. Now I can barely seem to stay afloat. I got a 2.6 last semester and I feel Iike I'll never, ever get the dream job I always wanted. Why can't I succeed? I put so much time and passion into my studying but it all ends up being a lackluster grade. Im starting to lose faith I can actually succeed at this school. Does GPA matter that much?

SOLUTION: Don't lose faith in yourself! See your adviser and visit Academic Advising in Stokes. Watch this Mount Holyoke commencement speech that helped me realize grades aren't everything:

9. Questioning BC

#4103: I hate BC so much. I missed the deadline to transfer because of naysayers, and I really regret it. I despise things here and feel like I am definitely wasting my time trapped at BC.

SOLUTION: If you have tried to be involved in the BC community and still feel trapped, then talk to your adviser and transfer. Don't listen to what other people tell you, but give BC a chance before you leave.

10. Addiction to BC Confessions

#4345: We're talking about BC Confessions in class and I'm doing my best to participate but not to portray the fact that I'm on it all day every day.

SOLUTION: We're addicted to checking if anyone confessed about us, but now the confessions are about our addictions. If you're looking for a way to limit time on the page try website blockers like Nanny for Google Chrome or

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