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Spring semester recovery playlist #TBT

Has anyone else noticed that everyone on Boston College’s campus seems to be sick right now?  Have no fear because it is officially Easter Break. Kick back, take a Tylenol, have some tea. It’s time to rest. In honor of this five-day recovery period from the sickness that is March in Boston (please no more snow), I’m going to bring you some musical therapy to help heal your soul.

You know the remedy well. The BC infirmary doles it out in truckloads. It goes by many names: Nyquil, Theraflu, Robitussin. That’s right. I’m talking about purple drank. Or cough syrup to you non-rap fans. So here it is, the cough syrup themed #TBT playlist. I promise you’ll feel better after listening to it.


10. Frayser Boy (ft. Mike Jones and Paul Wall): “Purple Drank”


For all of you Southern rap fans, this one is for you.


9. Far East Movement: “Like a G6”


Although I’m not a big fan of Far East Movement, this song is simply a party classic.


8. Jarren Benton: “Lean"


Frankly I have never heard of Jarren Benton before this playlist, and I am not particularly inclined to check out the rest of his music. “Lean” is catchy, although the hook sounds like it was stolen from David Banner’s “Swag,” with a slight change of words.


7. A$AP Rocky (ft. SpaceGhostPurrp and ASAP Nast): “Purple Swag: Chapter 2”


I sincerely hope you don’t have to ingest as much Robitussin over break as these artists did in the making of this song.


6. Drake: “I’m on One”


Take a break from listening to “Started from the Bottom” and give Drake’s older music some love.


5. The Weeknd: “Wicked Games”


The Weeknd’s voice is sensual and perfect. Did I mention perfect? If you haven’t downloaded Trilogy yet, you are missing out.


4. Lil Wayne: “Me and My Drink”


It’s no secret that Lil Wayne loves sizzurp. There has been some speculation that codeine is the cause of Lil Wayne's recent health problems. Get better soon Weezy!


3. Jay-Z (ft. UGK): “Big Pimpin’”


This hit remains one of my favorite rap songs to this day. Jay-Z never disappoints with his original raps. Watch out for his Legends of the Summer Tour in the upcoming months.


2. A$AP Rocky: “Long Live A$AP”


As one of my favorite rappers, A$AP is the only rapper on the list twice. He’s just THAT good…and he loves to talk about purple drank.


1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (ft. Fences): “Otherside" Remix


What, you thought you were going to get through a Gavel Media article without a Macklemore shout out? Silly reader. “Otherside” is a friendly reminder about the real consequences that can occur from drug abuse. Macklemore chooses heavy topics and conveys serious messages in many of his songs, and “Otherside” is no different. This remix takes the original beat to new depths.

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