How do BC confessions compare to other colleges' confessions?

It’s safe to say that out of all of the Boston area “College Confessions” Facebook pages, the Boston College page dominates. At 3,157 likes and over 4,357 total posts, the page has exploded in just the past few weeks. It includes every kind of post imaginable. From sentimental to creepy and from cute to controversial, the BC Confessions page has surely hooked an audience of interested BC students. This isn’t the only confessions page in the area, though, so let’s take a look at how we compare to the pages of a few of our neighbors.

bu confessions

BU Confessions

Stats: 3602 likes, 1635 posts

The BU Confessions page is a particularly strong one, though the likes are a bit low for a school of its size. The page has a fair amount of likes and a pretty decent number of posts. The moderator is probably not on top of his or her game, though, because this page is not updated daily. Some excerpts:


March 23

Every time someone on Comm ave gives me one of those be kind to animals and go vegetarian booklets, it puts me in the mood to just go eat a plate full of meat, and usually I do.


March 23

My roommate and I have so much in common. She comes back drunk and takes a tylenol. I also take a tylenol when she comes back drunk.


March 20

My roommate snores and, therefore, I find it perfectly acceptable to steal her food every time she leaves the room. Not sorry ‘bout it.


Harvard Confessions

Stats: 1385 likes, 66 posts

The Harvard Confessions page is a pretty lame excuse for a confessions page. It was pretty much summed up on March 15 by the writer of Confession #54 who said, “i dont go to harvard but this is the most boring and pitiful excuse for a confessions page i have ever seen. harvard must suck.” Some of their critical posts include:


March 20

My parents pay for my tuition. I’ve cheated on every test, and I’m about to graduate with a 3.7 because I can pay my asian friend $300 a month to do my work for me. I know quite a few people doing the same exact thing. Next time I see a major discovery made by a Harvard graduate, I’ll think, “Man, what Asian did HE cheat off of??”


March 18

We, Harvard students, are not being challenged and have it easier than everyone else just because Harvard wants to keep its prestige. Well let me tell you something, we are not in the 1600s anymore nor do we care where the pilgrims went to school.


MIT Confessions

Stats: 733 likes, 195 posts

The MIT Confessions page isn’t very impressive either. It doesn’t have many posts, and in an average day only one post is added. Some socially awkward posts are:


March 21

“Sometimes when I’m too lazy to go to the bathroom, I just pee in the sink in my room.”


March 17

“Why is MIT life so awkward?”


March 17

“MIT, the only place where the rear combo of beauty and brain exists!"


March 7

“To the dude who brings his laptop into the stall and watches ESPN while using the restroom: you are my hero.”


Northeastern University Confessions

Stats: 413 likes, posts not numbered

The Northeastern Confessions page is not very popular and each post is rather, well, lackluster. Some excerpts:

March 21

"I don’t even go to this school but I’ve convinced like 4 people that I do"

March 18

"Ive thrown up in the library bathroom. No idea how I reached here while being drunk, but I did. #YOLO"

March 18

"I hook up with this kid, but I would so rather do his roommate"

March 7

“Everyday before I go to sleep I like to pull out my laser and use it on the dorms infront of mine, I sometimes bring friends over and the goal is to make the people in the other dorms bring down their curtains”


Tufts Confessions

Stats: 1438 likes, posts not numbered

On February 15, the Tufts Confessions page became the first confessions page in the area to surface. It definitely started a trend and set a standard that BC Confessions quickly improved on. Their posts are varied and resemble BC’s mix:

March 25

"I love playing and listening to music, but whenever someone takes out a ukelele and people start singing along in a circle I want to gouge my eyes and ears out."

March 25

"I burp incredibly loudly."

March 25


March 24

"I’ve been back less than a day and I can’t wait for the end of the semester so I can move out of my dorm."

March 17

"I’m a senior in college who still loves to play Pokemon. I regret nothing."


So, to conclude, The BC Confessions page seems to be the best in the area, a true reflection of our opinionated and entertaining student body. Take note, prospective students!


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