BREAKING: BC to allow condom distribution on campus

This past Friday March 15, BC administrators sent out written warnings advocating for the termination of “safe sites” in the BC community. These safe sites, sponsored by BCSSH, offer literature and products to promote safe sex and are mainly known for dispensing free condoms.

Unbeknownst to the BC community, a new line of BC condoms is set to hit the shelves this April.

“Safe sites on campus would be our biggest competition” said Bill from product management at the bookstore, “allowing BCSSH sites to exist will severely cut into our profit margins.”

Although the bookstore will offer a product unique to Boston College with the famous Eagles logo, Baldwin said it best when reached for comment: “Nothing beats free!"

The bookstore is excited for the release of its new product on April 15, and expects skyrocket sales.

Happy April Fools' Day from Gavel Media!

Happy April Fools' Day from Gavel Media!


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