ALC Showdown team profile series: Synergy, UPrising, & Masti

Welcome to part of two of Gavel Media's MEGA AWESOME ALC SHOWDOWN PREVIEW SERIES! It's not actually called that but it should be. Anyway, in case you missed yesterday's profiles of Fuego, Sexual Chocolate and F.I.S.T.S., we got in touch with members of each dance team to bring you insider information before the big competition.

Catch up on your facts and find out who each team thinks is their biggest competitor in the race for first place! We’re bringing you three team profiles a day for the coming week leading up to the biggest dance competition of the year at Boston College. Be an informed fan, and most importantly come out to support your fellow Eagles at ALC Showdown, Saturday night at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online or through the box office at Robsham Theater.


Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company

Photo courtesy of Molly McMullan

Photo courtesy of Molly McMullan

Number of dancers on the team: 20

Style of Dance: Urban, hip hop, anything you want!

Strengths: Creativity, energy, versatility, cleanliness, SYNERGY

What do you bring to Showdown that the other teams don't: We preserve a tradition of producing an exciting and entertaining performance. In our ninth year at BC, we strive to challenge ourselves with different styles of choreography. We bring a huge heart and true passion for dancing to express, not impress.

Who do you think is your biggest competition: All of the teams are incredibly talented! We know just how much work goes into these performances and appreciate the high bar that is set by every group.

A fun surprise we can expect from your performance: Many surprises are to come in the costumes, styles, and illusions of this performance, which culminates in an epic battle for the common good.

Is this your year? Are you going all the way?: Our team has pushed through sore muscles, exhausting rehearsals, and sleep deprivation for this competition. We are drawing on the strengths of all of our members in this amazing performance. We are holding nothing back!

Answers courtesy of Molly McMullan (LSOE ’13) Synergy Assistant Director.


UPrising Dance Crew

Photo courtesy of Johanna Facada

Photo courtesy of Johanna Facada

Number of dancers: 20

Style of Dance: A mixture of styles, visual concepts and stunts with a hip-hop background.

Strengths: Diversity in styles and incorporating team members from a variety of dance backgrounds.

What we bring to showdown that other teams don't: We bring a high energy set with a creative storyline, and we take a lot of risks in our performance.

Who do you think is your biggest competition: We know everyone is going to bring their best moves and ideas, so as our first year in competition, everyone is our biggest competitor.

A fun surprise you can expect from our performance: Incorporation of a dance style that has never been seen on the Showdown stage.

Is this our year? Are we going all the way?: We always try our hardest and hope for the best!

Answers courtesy of Johanna Facada (A&S ’14) UPrising Team Captain.



Photo courtesy of Umang Gupta & Kishanraj Bhakta

Photo courtesy of Umang Gupta & Kishanraj Bhakta

Number of dancers on the team: 16

Style of Dance: Our style combines many different traditional styles of dancing from all around India (including Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, Garba, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Fusion, and Filmi). We even incorporate a little hip-hop into our style.

Strengths: Energy, grace, formations, facial expressions

What do you bring to Showdown that the other teams don't: A cultural aspect blended in with contemporary styles of music and dance, plus a strong passion for dance and a positive attitude promoting camaraderie amongst all dance teams. Showdown is not just a competition but also a chance to come together with our own team and others to put on our best performances.

Who do you think is your biggest competition? PATU

A fun surprise we can expect from your performance: Expect some crowd pleasing songs as well as some sensual body rolls. Best word to describe it is VAMP. VAMP VAMP VAMP. Also ghosts.

Is this your year? Are you going all the way?:

Umang: Yes, it's our last year (as captains) and we are not going to leave this campus without a trophy two years in a row. We have put everything we have into this routine and combined everything we've learned in the past four years into 6 minutes. We've had teammates injured and everyone is fighting through the pain for the team. Can't. Stop. Us. (Also I fell down on stage last year and want to redeem myself).

Kishan: Ever since my first showdown, this is the goal I've been working towards. We will win. This is not open for debate. My co-captains and I have pumped all our efforts into this routine. We’ve worked through blood, sweat, and tears to pull together the best routine possible for our team. We'll see you in the winner's circle.

Answers courtesy of Umang Gupta (CSOM '13) & Kishanraj Bhakta (A&S '13) Masti Co-Captains.


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