Gavel Media endorses Tim & Trugs

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 2.17.20 PMIt has been widely pointed out that UGBC elections are large-scale population contests that incite no positive change on campus. A major part of the critique centers on the lofty and unattainable goals set forth in the platforms that candidates come up with every year at election time.

This year Tim Koch (A&S ‘14) and Chris Truglio (CSOM ’14), more commonly known as “Tim & Trugs,” are stepping outside of these lofty goals and focusing on the smaller, more immediate issues that need attending to at Boston College.

We here at Gavel Media feel that the Tim & Trugs campaign has highlighted real problems on campus, ranging from AHANA and GLBTQ inclusions to the lack of transparency in the UGBC internal structure. They have followed up the questions posed by their platform with concrete answers.  We feel that this feasible change is exactly what Boston College needs and deserves from its undergraduate government. Here are some notable aspects of the Tim & Trugs platform that we feel will benefit the undergraduate population of Boston College as a whole:

  • Advocate for AHANA students in UGBC and on campus, including the continuation of AHANA events and policy work under the new UGBC structure.
  • Prioritize GLBTQ issues on campus. For example, Tim & Trugs promise to include the GLBTQ resource guide in the freshman welcome packet and implement an anonymous online forum to complement Queer Peer drop-in hours.
  • Keep both the ALC and the GLC involved in UGBC by inviting the heads of both organizations to executive council meetings.
  • Create CSOM minors such as marketing, finance, and accounting for A&S students who wish to pursue careers in business while retaining their liberal arts background.
  • Work with media outlets on campus by sending out weekly reports to publicize the inner-workings of UGBC and keep the student body informed.
  • Advocate for the expansion of programs like BC2Boston that offer students discounted admission at events in the city through their Eagle IDs.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 2.17.42 PM

As a relatively new publication on campus, the editorial board of Gavel Media appreciates the value of tangible, concrete goals. As we have learned since our founding in 2009, expansion comes one step at a time. Tim & Trugs understand this as well; in order for progression to come about at Boston College, UGBC must focus on small, attainable projects that will add up to greater change on campus.  It is for this reason that Gavel Media endorses Tim & Trugs as the next President and Vice President of UGBC. Vote for them here.

In Tim & Trugs we trust!

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