Gozaik: “The resume that works for you”

Are you looking for a job? Are you looking for a better way to show yourself off to potential employers? Are you a recent or future graduate or young professional? Go to the Gozaik website (gozaik.com) and you’ll watch a video about how the company will help you create a “personalized and interactive resume—your history, your work, all displayed in one place.”

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

Screenshot by Katie Tolkowsky

And the site does just that. Gozaik caters to a new age of job finding that is steeped in how one present’s oneself online and through social media. “It gives job seekers a place to create a unique multi-media resume complete with videos, images, social media, and much more,” said Lauren Simonelli, Gozaik Director of Marketing. “Our job search is also very different- we're searching in the age of social media. Gozaik captures jobs that are tweeted by employers, and organizes them to be searchable by job seekers.”

Although Gozaik is still young it is always prepared to adapt to a user’s needs. Founder Joe Budzienski had a vision in January 2012 to create Gozaik “for job seekers to showcase their strengths in a unique way, and employers to have a place to actually find them,” Simonelli said. In May 2012, Gozaik was established and since then its staff has grown to a team of six people who are constantly developing new ideas to make the job search easier.

Video is an integral element in the Gozaik philosophy, as it becomes an important way to directly interact with employers and leave your own impression. According to the startup’s website, "Studies show candidates with a video get jobs faster.”  Video is just one part of the mosaic that is your job resume that will set you apart from other job seekers.

Recently, Mass High Tech named Gozaik as one of the "Five to Follow" start-ups in 2013. The company is always striving to move forward so that its clients can move forward, too. “The goal of Gozaik is to help recent grads and young professionals land their first job, and every job after,” Simonelli said.

Gozaik is throwing a private launch party on April 10th that anyone can attend. Sign up for a ticket here.




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