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Vine: The newest form of social media

A week ago, my friend asked me what my username was on Vine. Embarrassingly, I admitted that I had never heard of Vine. Fast forward one week and I am now absolutely obsessed with this app.

Vine is a phone app created by Twitter. I would describe it as Instagram, but with videos instead of photos.  All videos are six seconds in length. What makes Vine so unique is that users don’t need to shoot all 6 seconds at once, and can instead break up the footage. This ability allows for both creative and hilarious videos.

Also, Vine makes it incredibly easy to find friends. You can see which of your friends have Vine accounts by entering their names, or the application can search them through your address book or Twitter account.

Screenshot by Rachel Forray/ Gavel Media

Screenshot by Rachel Forray/ Gavel Media.

Once you have created and posted a video to Vine, you can share it on Twitter and Facebook.  Furthermore, Vine is similar to other social media applications in its usage of hashtags to categorize your videos, and to find other videos that might peak your interest.

Personally, one thing that I find so enjoyable about Vine is the ability to browse popular hashtags and spend lots of time watching and laughing about videos that were uploaded by people I don't know. I’ve never spent much time looking at Instagram photos uploaded by strangers, and I certainly don’t intend to Snapchat strangers, but the random videos on Vine are definitely entertaining.

Vine is undoubtedly a fun app, and I recommend it to anyone with an iPhone.  However, it’s important to remember that Vine is different from other social media applications when it comes to privacy. Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there is no way to make your Vine profile private. Users should be cautious when deciding to upload a video, because anyone on Vine will have access to it.

Overall Vine is one of my most used apps. I’ve only had it for a short period of time, but the amount of friends I know with accounts is growing exponentially each day. I doubt its popularity will decline anytime soon, so if you don’t already have Vine, don’t miss out! As soon as you download Vine, you'll understand why all of your friends are raving about it.


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