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Tight Right Now: Swirl

Do you have a personal shopping assistant? If you do, and it’s not your grandma but actually someone you pay, GET OFF MY BLOG. If you don’t, please read on!

Thanks to my good friend Sofia Papastamelos, I’ve been introduced to the most awesome technological development since light-up sneakers: Swirl.


Swirl is a tech startup that wants to reignite your passion for in-store shopping via technological means. And yes, you can get it as an iPhone app.

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It provides you with instant access to all current sales and offers at over 200 top fashion retailers, locates the styles you love at nearby stores and allows you to create your own style catalogues.

It’s like having a personal shopping assistant right in the palms of your excited little hands, only better. It’s free! You would spend hundreds on a human shopping assistant. And if grandma was your helper, you would feel too bad about shoving her down a few stairs with the tail end of your DSW box not to buy her lunch.

What I’m trying to say is that Swirl is the most cost-effective type of shopping assistance, since it literally costs nothing. Enjoy y’all!

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