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Abroad and in a relationship with food: Haiku edition

(Note: “Abroad and in a relationship with food” is a blog that tracks my romantic relationship with food as I study abroad in Parma, Italy. Because I will never love anything as much as I love food.)

I recently returned from my spring break and may never recover. I don’t mean this in the stereotypical “I drank my face off on spring break and my liver will never be the same!” way. I mean this in the “I slept in an airport one night and on an overnight bus another night and I am too old for this lifestyle” way. Sleeping anywhere besides a bed is just plain inhumane.

In spite of how absurdly exhausted I am and how many catastrophes my group experienced along the way, I fell in love with every place that my travels took me. To prove my devotion for the places that I visited (as well, of course, as the food that I consumed), here is a series of haikus that summarize my recent adventures.

Why haikus, you ask? Because they are shorter than odes and easier to write than sonnets.

But why are you so insistent on writing this in poetry form, you ask? Because I am very sleep deprived and it sounds like a fun thing to do.

Destination #1: Nice, France


I went to the beach
Ate a baguette and drank wine
I felt super French.

Destination #2: Eze, France


Look! French onion soup
In France, so it must be good
Wrong. It was bad. Ugh.

Destination #3: Cannes, France


I really love crepes
More than anything ever
This had Nutella.

Destination #4: Barcelona, Spain


In Barcelona
Friends got robbed and food poisoned
Sangria? Yes please. 

Destination #5: Sevilla, Spain


Really great tapas
Were destroyed by pouring rain
How unfortunate.

Destination #6: Lisbon, Portugal


Because it's healthy
I greatly dislike salad
But this changed my mind.


There you have it. The greatest series of European food-related haikus you will read all week. I promise to go back to normal writing next time.


All photos courtesy of Jenna LaConte.




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