Top 10 Hoodie Allen songs

Hoodie Allen has been one of my favorite artists throughout my freshman year at BC. He is incredibly intelligent, driven, and talented. My favorite aspect of his music is that all his songs have unique qualities that make them individually memorable. This uniqueness likely stems from the mix of his creative raps and soothing singing.

On Wednesday, April 10th, Hoodie is performing at the House of Blues in Boston. I am extremely jealous of everyone who has tickets to the show. I wasn't able to score tickets and will likely spend the evening living vicariously through everyone at the concert. If you have the opportunity to attend this event, you will not be disappointed. In honor of Hoodie performing in Boston, it is only appropriate for me to share my personal top 10 favorite songs.


10. No Faith in Brooklyn (feat. Jhameel)




“No Faith in Brooklyn” highlights Hoodie’s ability to both sing and rap incredibly well. This is one of the first Hoodie songs that I heard, and it remains one of my favorites.


9. High Again




Before anyone jumps to conclusions, this song is not your typical “stoner song”. Don’t believe me? Give it a listen and you may end up putting it on repeat.


8. Wave Goodbye (feat. Shwayze)




This song is mellow like much of Hoodie’s music. I personally enjoy its positive tone. I also happen to have an obsession with Shwayze.


7. The Chase Is On




Who doesn’t love a challenge? Hoodie raps about how much he enjoys the chase. This song great, and it also happens to be free. It doesn’t get much better than that.


6. Feel The Love




I don’t know what it is about this song, but Im feelin' the love. The hook is just too catchy for me to leave this song off any Hoodie Allen playlist.


5. Fame is for Assholes (feat. Chiddy)




Many people would love to be famous, but as Hoodie mentions, fame is not everything. As someone who is not likely to ever become famous, I can appreciate this track.


4. Cake Boy




Hoodie becomes slightly cocky here, and I think it’s perfect. Confidence is an attractive trait, and if you can rap for three minutes about how fabulous you are and how all the ladies love you, props to you. If you’re not sold yet, the cupcakes also look delicious in this video. Just saying.


3. #WhiteGirlProblems




I don’t care who you are. Everyone has white girl problems. I happen to have a plethora of them. Listen to this track, and you may discover some white girl problems of your own.


2. No Interruption




“No Interruption” is undoubtedly Hoodie’s most popular song, and I understand why. It’s catchy. However, if this is the only Hoodie Allen song you are familiar with, please check out some of his other tracks. I swear this is not his only good song or necessarily even his best song.


1. Eighteen Cool




As someone who wasn’t always the coolest kid in high school, I am in love with this song. Hoodie has it right. Who cares how cool or popular we were in the past?  Everyone should be proud of the person they have become and take advantage of the present.



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