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A night with PowerBar

You sleep through your alarm and wake up ten minutes before your first class of the day. Oops. You throw on some clothes and head out the door, but not before grabbing some dried fruit or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, right?

Most people do not just “grab” some dried fruit or a PB&J, simply because they are not convenient and not the greatest source of energy, which is what you need at 8:50 in the morning as you hustle to class.

Now, imagine doing something that actually requires a huge input of essential nutrients and vitamins, like running a marathon. Before 1986, long distance runners had nothing better than the very same dried fruit or peanut butter and jellies at their disposal and were eating whatever they could for energy. This was before the PowerBar.

In 1986, Brian Maxwell, a Canadian athlete and entrepreneur, and his girlfriend and eventual wife Jennifer Biddulph, began making the prototypes of the very first energy bar in a tiny garage in Berkeley, California.

Jennifer and Brian Maxwell Photo courtesy of

Jennifer and Brian Maxwell
Photo courtesy of

Chris Maxwell (CSOM ’16), the son of Brian and Jennifer and one of the freshman representatives of the Marketing Academy, was finally able to give life to an idea he had waiting on the backburner, and what better time than right before the Boston Marathon on April 15?

This Friday, April 12, the Marketing Academy will be welcoming Jennifer, current PowerBar CEO Frank Jimenez, and Josh Cox – the current American record holder in the 50k who is sponsored by PowerBar – to speak at Boston College about the story behind PowerBar.

Come to Devlin 008 at 5 pm to get the full scoop on the little energy bar that revolutionized the sports nutrition industry.


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