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BC is about to get “Shmacked”

Shmacked: To become intoxicated to the point of not even being able to stand up, know what's going on, or correctly pronounce any word. (Courtesy of Urban Dictionary).

“I’m Shmacked” is an organization that films colleges on their wildest party weekends and posts these videos on YouTube. So far, they have produced over 30 videos of reckless, wild college partying, with their most viewed video reaching over 750,000 views. Videos in the past have featured college students smashing car windows, guzzling beer funnels, and way too many girl-on-girl make-out sessions. Their Facebook page has over 65,000 likes and they have over 44,000 followers on Twitter. Needless to say, they have become wildly popular, and this viral takeover shows no signs of stopping.


The idea to film parties on college campuses comes from college students Jeffrie Ray, 19, and Arya Toufanian, 20. They travel to a new school every week, producing videos laden with drug use, heavy drinking, dancing, and lots of sloppy make-outs. Colleges that have been filmed in the past include Tulane, N.Y.U., West Virginia University, Penn State, and James Madison University. As a response to the videos featuring students under the age of 21, “I’m Shmacked” adds a disclaimer to their videos and Facebook page that states: “No alcohol or illegal substance is used during filming, just prop.”

Screenshot by Samantha Costanza/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Samantha Costanza/Gavel Media.

In addition to the wild parties, “I’m Shmacked” videos also feature scenic shots of college campuses, clips of sporting events, and smiling students going about their daily routines. Although this offers only a fleeting glimpse of sobriety in the 3-5 minute clip, I find it to be one of the most important parts of the video.

Sure, college students party – we’ve all seen “Animal House,” we know the drill. But how often do you get to see videos of students who truly love their school going about their day, offering an inside look on life at college? I wish I had longer versions of those types of videos when I was applying to colleges, instead of those stuffy brochures which all had same pictures of students sitting in the quad, feigning laughter while doing their homework. I can assure you that no one laughs while doing homework; it’s just not possible.

Screenshot by Samantha Costanza/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Samantha Costanza/Gavel Media.

Boston College will be getting its own “I’m Shmacked” treatment this Monday. Marathon Monday is notoriously one of the most anticipated days of the year for BC students. Other than sporting events, it is one of the only times where an overwhelming majority of the undergrad community comes together to have fun and show off their pride for this awesome school. Students line up along Comm. Ave., cheering for marathon runners and sporting $15 tank tops that they bought through one of the many Marathon Monday Facebook pages.

As fun and exciting as the idea of appearing on a YouTube video seems, I offer a word of caution. Yeah, you would feel like a celebrity when all of your friends freak out about how they saw you on “I’m Shmacked,” but would you feel the same if your parents saw it? What about a future employer? It’s all fun and games until your boss sees a video of you pounding shots in your dorm room. These actions will ultimately reflect poorly on both you and Boston College as a whole.

What kind of impression do you want to leave on prospective students? This video should definitely show the world that BC students have tremendous pride and love to have fun, but do we really want to be portrayed as a wild, drunken, party school with no other redeeming qualities? However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself! Have a blast this Monday, but make sure to keep these things in mind before you get too “Shmacked.”

Gavel Media encourages students to behave safely this Marathon Monday and reminds those 21+ to drink responsibly.



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