Top 5 reasons to attend BC's Boardwalk and Field Day

The sun is out, the maroon and gold flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing again, and that means it’s time for the best weekend at BC: Spring Weekend.

Photo courtesy of UGBC and RHA

Photo courtesy of UGBC and RHA.

Sponsored by various on-campus organizations such as the Undergraduate Government of Boston College, Residence Hall Association, Nights on The Heights, and BC Recreation, Spring Weekend offers an array of activities and events to keep you outside and amped up, all leading up to the culminating event of the year, Marathon Monday.

There are three main events taking place on Sunday, April 14 (Newtonites, this is NOT a day to be lazy and skip out on main campus): BC Boardwalk, BC Field Day, and the highly-anticipated Plexpalooza. Good luck getting tickets to that last one: it’s officially SOLD OUT. Sorry kiddos, I guess you’ll just have to experience Bingo Players through Youtube videos. BC Boardwalk and BC Field Day, however, are fair game.

Not completely won over yet? Even if you have a presentation Tuesday that’s worth 99 percent of your overall grade (let’s hope you don’t), this is not a Sunday that you want to spent trapped inside of Bapst or O’Neill. Make an effort to free up some time in the afternoon to head down to the Mod lot or walk around campus to experience the beautiful weather, people, and fried food that BC has to offer. Here are the top 5 reasons to attend BC Boardwalk and BC Field Day:

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

1. Free food: Think of every carnival food known to mankind, add in free samples from local restaurants, and you have the smorgasbord of food that will be awaiting you in the Mod lot. Look at it as a way of saving up on Hillside dollars. There will be fried dough, cotton candy,  hamburgers, and hot dogs, as well as restaurants who will be handing out free samples. As John Zimmerman, Special Events Coordinator of Campus Entertainment for UGBC and CSOM ’15 says, “Plenty of food to fill up with before Plexapalooza.”

2. Killer Prizes: Okay, not killer in the literal sense – although that would make the competition very interesting – but BC Field Day and Boardwalk are offering some great prizes for winning different games. Don’t be fooled, though; these aren't your grandpa’s games. At Boardwalk, there will be a basketball shoot, Jacob’s Ladder, and a zero-gravity chamber, with prizes for only “the strongest of champions,” according to Zimmerman.

Photo courtesy of UGBC

Photo courtesy of UGBC.

For Field Day, a Battle of the Classes will ensue, as a number of competitions will be taking place throughout the afternoon, including dodgeball, “Bapstmitton,” capture the flag, flag football, and tug of war. Every participant gets a free ’47 Brand t-shirt from the sponsors of the event. Winners of each bracket have a chance at prizes like soda mugs, football field passes, Red Sox and Celtics tickets, a bookstore shopping spree, and more.

3. Carnival Rides: After you work up a sweat defending your class's dignity, head down to the Mod lot to cool off with all of the rides and inflatables that BC Boardwalk has to offer, including a mechanical bull, obstacle course, tug of war, and a dunk tank. Who says we can't bring Ocean City up north to Boston?

4. Live Music: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won’t be the only performers on stage in the Mod lot this spring. Boardwalk is showcasing several of BC’s finest bands and musicians, including Bobnoxious & The Master Craftsmen, Lucid Soul, Terry Peng and Jammin’ Toast, and Alex Layton. There’s really nothing like food and a show.

5. Eternal Glory: Did I mention that BC Field Day is a Battle of the Classes?! This is serious, people. The future reputation of your class is at stake, as well as the ultimate prize that trumps measly bookstore shopping sprees and soda mugs: a trophy on display in Conte Forum for the entire world to see. Your children and your children’s children will be talking about this for years to come, so hopefully you’re prepared for battle.

So come on out to BC Boardwalk and BC Field Day on Sunday, April 14, from 1-5 pm. You don't want to miss it!

For more information, check out BC Boardwalk, BC Field Day, and Plexapalooza on Facebook.



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