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HelpBCeagles providing support after Boston Marathon tragedy

In response to the popular Facebook page known as Boston College Confessions, HelpBCeagles recently came onto the scene seeking a slightly different crowd. Instead of just unloading your secrets and problems, HelpBCeagles are, "eager to help and listen to what you need to talk about." Their advice comes with the promise of "anonymous and private" conversations through their gmail account.

Courtesy of HelpBCEagles

Courtesy of HelpBCEagles

This group is made up of five members and several volunteers that work to aid students in times of need. After the tragic bombings during the Boston Marathon, services like this will undoubtedly provide an outlet to grieving and distraught students. HelpBCeagles has aided, "approximately a dozen people…looking for advice since we started in mid-March, with many more offering to assist us, which we feel speaks to the strength of the Boston College community."

In troubling times such as these, being away from family and childhood homes can be tough. HelpBCeagles would like to extend their services in light of the tragedy during Marathon Monday to the BC student body.

One student spoke directly with Gavel Media anonymously about HelpBCeagles and their commitment to supporting the BC community, saying, "yesterday we ran together, we wept together, and we prayed together.  TOGETHER.  That’s how we’re going to get through this. WE are BC, or as it’s said more eloquently in the fight song, 'for here all are one.'."

BC students running past St. Ignatius Photo taken by Christie Merino

BC students running past St. Ignatius
Photo taken by Christie Merino

As students of Boston College, the minds behind HelpBCeagles offer a unique perspective because, "we go here, and can offer a perspective that many of the adults on campus cannot." Though they are not trained professionals, HelpBCeagles have taken the Jesuit mantra of men and women for others to heart by offering a shoulder for fellow eagles to lean on.

The response to this unthinkable tragedy has been overwhelming. People from all over the world have offered their prayers in solidarity with victims, runners, families and Bostonians. The resounding determination and strength of the BC community and Boston at large has picked up the fallen and made them feel a little safer. HelpBCeagles believes, as do many others, that, "we, as a city, as a community, as Eagles, as Bostonians, will come back stronger than ever, because that’s what we do. We will run again. The Marathon will be back next year, bigger and better than ever."

Boston Marathon Candlelight Vigil  Courtesy of Flickr

Boston Marathon Candlelight Vigil
Courtesy of Flickr

Events on campus like the Mass of Healing and Hope at St. Ignatius on Tuesday and a planned solidarity walk of the last five miles of the marathon organized by two BC students have brought the community together. They show the resilience of this school and its willingness to lift Boston onto its shoulders. "now more than ever, Eagles who fly together soar together."

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