Twitter releases #music app

It’s finally here! On Thursday, April 18, after managing to keep the details under wraps, Twitter finally released its new #music app.  Upon buying the Australian music recommendation and streaming company “We Are Hunted” last week, high speculation surrounded the possibility of a Twitter music app, especially with the announcement by “We Are Hunted” that it was shutting down its site, but it would “continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team.” Until Thursday, the app was limited to celebrity use only. However, one of these celebrities,

Courtesy of Katie Carsky

Courtesy of Katie Carsky

Ryan Seacrest, let a few secrets about the app slip through before it was released to the public.

The new app is available on both web browsers and mobile devices, and it includes a profile tied to your Twitter account with recommendations based on who you and who your friends listen to. It allows users to follow artists, see who they follow, and connect to their music. The app works to help the users find music based on the musicians they follow. It even offers clips of songs in the form of an iTunes preview, but by signing in to either Spotify or Rdio, you can gain access to full tracks.

To make the app manageable for all users, there are five tabs to keep use easy and organized. The first tab is the “Popular” tab, which lists what music is currently trending on Twitter, starting with what is most popular. The second tab is labeled “Emerging” which helps the user find little-known artists. This tab is especially helpful in getting these unfamiliar names out into the public eye. The “Suggested” tab takes a different approach by customizing a list of suggestions for the user based on not only who the user follows on Twitter but also who those artists follow. This tab makes the app more personal, and offers new music that the user doesn’t even realize he or she is missing out on. The fourth tab is the “#NowPlaying” tab, which reveals what the user's friends are tweeting about and listening to. The fifth and final tab, the “Me” tab, is a simple collection of the artists that you follow.

Courtesy of Katie Carsky

Courtesy of Katie Carsky

With Twitter already having so many ties with the music world, this app is just one more step towards strengthening those bonds even more. Musicians and bands easily connect to one another on Twitter, and has proven to be an outlet that is often vital in getting the name of an up-and-coming musicians out. This has definitely been a progressive move for Twitter, which is always looking to keep up-to-date and one step ahead of the competition. Not only is this app crucial to drawing in new customers but it will also keep the old ones engaged and interested.

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