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How to Win Her Back playlist #TBT

It’s around midnight and you’re sitting in your dorm, upset with the status of your relationship at present. Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have said. Maybe she found someone else. No matter what happened, stop moping around, grab your boombox, and take a quick walk to her dorm. Blast this playlist outside her window (or perhaps outside her dorm room door) Say Anything-style and win her back already! R&B, Disney, and ballads pave the way to any heart.

10. We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)


The opening line of this song, “I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t love you so,” will be sure to grab her attention. Extra points if you sing along and hit Mariah’s high notes.

9. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)


I can’t listen to this song and, more specifically, its buildup, without picturing a corny movie scene, the type where people run and hug on a beach or the like. Here’s to hoping that the same happens to you when you play this song.

8. Superstar (Usher)


This album dropped when I was in fourth grade and I listened to this song over and over again on my Walkman. Playing this will hopefully give the effect of making her feel like a superstar. If not, it will at the very least make her laugh.

7. You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker)


“You Are So Beautiful” probably has the simplest lyrics in all of existence, but it's still a great piano melody.

6. Back At One (Brian McKnight)


This is a timeless song, and if the girl you’re trying to please is like me, she’ll remember loving this song as a little girl. Brian McKnight’s whole concept of starting back at one once his work his done is such a creative way to say that his love is everlasting. Swoon.

5. My Girl (Otis Redding)


I haven’t met many people who don’t know this song. What girl doesn’t want to be told that she makes someone feel like the month of May?


4. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Lion King Soundtrack)


It’s a known fact: EVERYONE LOVES DISNEY MOVIES. You’ll be hard to resist when a song from a movie she loved when she was five is playing in the background.

3. I Just Called To Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder)


This is one of those classic ballads that could help your cause a great deal. Maybe you need to start by not trying to get her back, but simply just calling to say you love her. Stevie knows what he’s talking about.

2. If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys)


Time to let her know that you can’t live without her, that life is meaningless without her presence. Belt out along with Alicia, “Everything means nothing if I ain’t got you.”

1. Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)


Sometimes a simple message, namely, “Let’s stay together,” is best. If this straightforward yet powerful song doesn’t work, drown your sorrows in late night and try again tomorrow.