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Opinion: For Macklemore & Modstock, it's Alumni or bust

Well, I knew it was too good to be true. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performing at a free concert in the Mod Lot on the last day of classes for entire student body?  Something was bound to go awry. So much perfection can’t fit into one sentence without complications. Yes my boyfriend Macklemore (Shhh, he doesn’t know!!) will be performing on May 2nd. Yes it will be free. Yes it will be in the Mod Lot. Yes it will be freaking awesome.  Unfortunately only two thirds of the Boston College undergraduate student population will be able to attend.

Okay I want you to line up all of your friends in a straight line. Count off by threes. Now every poor loser who got the number three curl up in the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep, because you’re not going to see Macklemore.

gavel2All of you number threes, which *GULP* could include myself I suppose, need to stand up and protest. This is absolutely ridiculous. A FREE concert that our tuition dollars, specifically the 304 dollars each of us pays in student activity fees, are funding and we won’t even all be able to go?! WHAT.

The concept of ticketing Modstock poses other problems besides the exclusion of 3,000 odd undergraduates. UGBC recently faced a debacle with the registration for Mudstock Volleyball teams. People slept over outside the office in Maloney, resulting in seniors not getting slots. Because of the mayhem that ensued on the first day the rest of the student body was told that the registration office would be moved to a “secret” location. They would be informed of the new location at 7:30 a.m. the day of registration. This inevitably led to a wild goose chase around campus to find the “secret” registration office two mornings later.

Now maybe this mildly worked out because of the small-ish amount of students who are interested in Mudstock. But really BC? Do you know how many people are excited about Macklemore coming to campus? EVERYONE IS EXCITED. WE ALL WANT TO GO.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.06.24 PM

So your brilliant plan is to release 2,000 tickets for the Macklemore to the seniors and then leaving the rest of us to duke it out over 4,000 odd tickets the next day? There are a few problems that I think need to be pointed out here.

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the student body for the 2012-2013 year, shall we?

Freshmen: 2,301

Sophomores: 2,265

Juniors: 2,220

Seniors: 2,324

This all leads to a grand total of 9,110 undergraduates. Already, 324 seniors are out of luck for tickets on the first day. They’ll be left to arm wrestle over the 4,000 tickets with the other 6,786 of us. Meaning approximately 7,110 students will theoretically be going after 4,000 tickets. And approximately 3,110 students won’t be going to Modstock.

I’m bringing a sleeping bag and camping out because this is going to be ABSOLUTE mayhem. In what way could 7,110 students queuing up for hours in advance possibly have a positive outcome? Sure, there are some students who won’t want to go to this concert. But 3,110 is a BIG chunk of the student body, and I highly doubt that over a third of the student population are such salty Macklemore haters.

I’m also just having mental images of a UGBC e-mail coming out on Monday after the seniors get their tickets telling the rest of the student body to stay tuned for the “secret” ticket distribution location. Followed promptly by a stampede of 7,000 students all sprinting out of various dorms in a mad race to find the tickets.

I imagine it would look something like this.


I understand the decision was made for security decisions, and in light of recent events this makes complete and perfect sense. Security for the student body should be a priority at events like Modstock, but in a manner that does not exclude a third of us from even participating.

Why not check Eagle Ids on the way into the Mod Lot if you want to limit the concert to BC students? Sure, I suppose there would be ways to circumvent the Id checks, but it would be better than nothing. And what would be even better and more efficient than Id checks, you might ask?

Well, maybe we could have the concert in a big arena-stadium-type thing that sits oh, 44,500 people? If ONLY we had such a venue on campus where the ENTIRE student body could safely enjoy a rousing chorus of “Thrift Shop.”  Oh, wait.

 alumni satdium

Why aren’t we moving Modstock to Alumni Stadium? I get the Mod Lot is a tradition. I get that it is more fun.  But I don’t get why a third of the students should be excluded from having an awesome time while the rest of us get weird in the Mod Lot.

It makes more sense. It would probably be easier to supervise us all there anyways. Crowd surfing options would unfortunately be limited, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. As someone who has seen Macklemore perform live, I can tell you he puts on an amazing show. No one should be forced to miss out on this amazing experience because of a lack of “tickets.”

Screenshots by Emily Akin/Gavel Media


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