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iPhone app: Drunk Mode

It’s Sunday morning and you have just woken up in a panic not knowing where you are. You exhale a sigh of relief once you realize you are in your own bed, but suddenly that calmness shifts to confusion when you lift up the covers to see that you are still wearing the clothes and shoes you wore out. “What happened last night?” you think to yourself. As you lie in bed, head pounding and on the verge of throwing up, you try to string together a few consecutive memories of the previous night. However, the last thing you can vividly remember is stumbling out of the pregame. Never a good sign.

First things first, you decide to grab the one thing that can virtually transport you to the night before and fill in those hazy time gaps, your phone.  As you begin to sift through texts from the night before searching for clues as to where you were and what you did, your physical hangover suddenly turns into a moral one.  You see that you gained some liquid courage and sent last weekend’s “one night stand” sixteen unanswered texts asking him "wehere re yu" and begging him to "cmoe obre". We can all agree that there is no bout of nausea and no migraine that can compare to the feelings of intense regret and personal worthlessness that course through one's entire body upon observing your  desperate virtual promiscuity. Many can even admit that their next action was googling transfer applications to other schools.

Since we can't delete the texts we send or voicemails we leave from someone else's phone, how can we still go out and have fun while ensuring that we won't have to wear a brown paper bag over our heads around campus for the next week? In response to this dilemma two University of Virginia third-years, Joshua Anton and  Justin Washington, created a .99 cent reputation insurance app, Drunk Mode, to secure that we can still enjoy all of the fun without the drama.

When you switch on the Drunk Mode app, you select certain phone numbers that will be temporarily deleted from a person’s contact information and irretrievable until the set time you have chosen expires. In addition to reining in drunk calls and texts, users can also set reminders to go off every 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes to tell users not partake in certain "drunken" activities like going to Lower for Late Night or ordering Roggie's.

So next time you're getting ready for a night out, take a few minutes to download Drunk Mode app. It may save you from embarrassing yourself and ruining you chances with Prince Charming.



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