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"Mad Men" Season 6, Episode 7: The Flood

Tell her that her laxative radio spot is the sentimental favorite- Don Draper

Following the recent act of terror in our very own city of Boston, it was a pretty emotional to go back in time,with Mad Men, and experience an event of such tragic magnitude—the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Mad Men is obviously a period piece, and it has been a pleasure to watch the show tackle historical events with such sensitivity and grace. This week’s episode took us into the heart of the terror surrounding this horrific event.

MLK ‘s Death

Like I said, this tragic event was the very core of this episode. Instead of showing us the general fear of the public, which we’ve seen in so many documentaries and recounts of the day, Mad Men gives us a more personal account. We get into the minds (and homes) of the show’s characters to see and feel their emotional responses. In this episode, the characters choose to either process the grief or keep their heads down and move forward. They choose to either hug the ones they love tighter or to hold them at an even greater distance than usual. I think Ginsberg’s father pretty much summed up the sentiments of the episode when he said: “Now’s the time when a man and woman need to be together the most, in a catastrophe.”—Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on or a way to cope with this shocking tragedy.

Peggy the Power Woman strikes again? 

The episode starts off with Peggy’s search for an apartment. She clearly wears the pants in her relationship, and is continuously attaining Don Draper's level of swag (and beyond). Unfortunately, the fact that she is a woman seems to be getting in the way of her own desires. The realtor can’t get over that she is paying for the apartment and her boyfriend doesn’t want to live there. Men and the cultural norms are getting in the way…. but I have faith in Peggy. She survived SCDP, and we all know she’s a serious threat because Don is hatin’ on her pretty hard.

Googly eyes between Peggy and her boss?

OK, was it just me or was there some serious googly-eye-age between Peggy and her boss? When they're at the award ceremony, he turns around to look at her and they maintain eye contact for just a LITTLE too long for my liking. NO, Peggy. Do not do this. You will literally become Don if you engage in an office affair. Also, let’s not forget the double standard—you will be given so much more sh*t for this affair. And also, the dude is pretty ugly.

Creepy dude with glasses?

WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE RANDOM CREEPY CHARACTERS? For the past couple of weeks we’ve had to deal with that weirdo-brown-nosing-toilet-paper dude. And now we have this creepy dude with glasses who enters Don’s office and does some strange spiritual chant. He also claims that the ghost of MLK spoke to him? I honestly have absolutely zero clue as to what the guy was getting at but I wont completely shun him for two reasons: 1) The actor who plays this guy was in LOST (my obsession) and he was a member of the mysterious “others” of the island 2) He created some excellent comic relief during a time of tragedy—seeing Roger and Don interact with this “spiritual” man was hilarious.

Remember this guy? Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Remember this guy?
Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media.

“I’ve never had sex” & “ I like girls, Dad” - Michael Ginsberg

I’ve always had a soft spot for Ginsberg. Partly because he is adorable. And partly because he is the only one in the office, besides Peggy, who has given Don a run for his money. The dude is smart, and hilariously weird. I’ve been waiting for him to have a bigger part in the show, so I was excited about this episode. He created some rather uncomfortable moments but I enjoyed his interactions with his dad. He’s just another lonely, semi-strange dude livin’ his life. But even he needs something more in his life to get through times like these. Hang in there Ginsberg, I like you (Most uncomfortable/best lines in the episode: "I've never had sex" ..."I like girls, Dad").

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.28.55 PM

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media.

Goodnight, Peter

TRUDY, you make me so proud. Last season, I couldn’t stand Trudy. She was so oblivious to Pete’s disgustingness and unwilling to accept that her life will never be happy with Pete the Pig around. BUT, for the last few episodes she has really become a power woman. I thought that maybe she’d give into Pete when he asked her if he could come home…but the woman is fierce. She stuck to her ultimatum and this made me immeasurably happy. GOODNIGHT, PETER.

“The man knew how to talk…I don’t know why but I thought that would save him” - Roger Sterling

ROGER STERLING, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. Killin’ it as always. But… really. I think Roger might have the best lines on the entire show. I guess I’m pointing out the obvious but these words are so incredibly fitting. Roger is great with words—they have always saved him. The charming Roger Sterling can talk his way out of any dilemma. But it makes me wonder…what’s going to happen to him? Are his words going to stop saving him…?

Battle of the Disgusting Pigs— Round 1: Harry vs. Pete Round

I enjoyed writing that last line a little too much. Pete and Harry arguing was a little too much disgustingness for one scene. BUT it gives me an opportunity to talk about how horrible they are. FIRST OF ALL, Harry is annoyed about the fact that the TV isn’t running normally when MLK WAS JUST KILLED. You soulless, teletubbie-esque, jerk!  SECOND OF ALL, Pete the Pig (I'm making this a thing) swoops in and pretends to be all kind and caring for about five seconds. To those of you who were fooled by this display of  faux-compassion, I say, “tsk, tsk”. Come on, we all know Pete is completely soulless. The dude was literally relating the death of one of the greatest men in history to his disaster of a marriage. He says something about how MLK was a family man and storms off. SHUT UP, PETE. I see right through you. Of course this all leads back to you, your problems and your disgusting sideburns. ROUND 1 RESULTS: TIE (equal disgustingness levels).

Joan’s Awkward Hug

I honestly didn’t think it was possible for Joan to look awkward or un-poised until I saw the scene where she hugs Dawn. I was literally cringing as she proceeded to give her a weird, sideways hug. It was like Dawn was some delicate sculpture that Joan was afraid of breaking…what’s going on Joan…? This just shows to go how awkward race relations were at the time. Joan and Don are trying to be nice and give her space…but they’re really just making her feel alienated.

Betty Draper 2.0: The return of the trophy wife (hide yo kids)

Dun, dun, dun! She’s comin’ back, I can feel it. With Henry running for Senate, Betty is going to have to get herself together—back into her pre-divorce-Barbie-beauty. Henry basically said that she’s going to be his trophy wife (“I cant wait for everyone to meet you”…. yeah, OK, Henry, I’m sure they’ll love her winning personality).  And there’s this pretty creepy scene when Betty looks at herself in the mirror, with one of her old dresses in hand. I don’t know how I feel about this upcoming transformation. I feel she’s going to be back with a vengeance…more Stepford-housewifey than ever. Don might actually want to look into hiding the kids…