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Tweets from the Macklemore ticket line

Mass hysteria ensued this morning as thousands of Boston College students lined up for the premiere of J. Crew's newest season collection.

macklemore 21

Oh wait, it was for that guy, what’s-his-face, Mackle-something…

macklemore 22

YOU ALL KNOW WHY. BC has never tried to hide its adoration for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which was made clear starting at around midnight last night when the first tents were pitched and the stage was set for a good old-fashioned campout for Modstock tickets.

After UGBC announced that after talking with BCPD, they had decided to impose additional security measures for the event and cap tickets at 2,000 for seniors and 4,000 for underclassmen, students were not happy but decided to hunker down. All the O’Neill study rooms filled up, students stormed Dunkin’ Donuts and those brave enough to wake up early curled around the outside of Conte Forum and Alumni Stadium in anticipation of an 8 a.m. start.

Surrounded by mattresses, pillows and jugs of coffee, students took to their phones, looking for an outlet to release their restlessness.

Some described the sheer terror of the sight of their classmates so early in the morning:

macklemore 6

Others were surprisingly optimistic about the early morning start:

macklemore 12

macklemore 13

Many remarked about the endless line, some more hostile than others:

mackleore 7

macklemore 2

macklemore 11

macklemore 17

macklemore 24

BC Streak finally met its match in the competition of "Earliest Risers":

macklemore 8

Troops were mobilized:

macklemore 3

macklemore 10

macklemore 25

Conspiracy theories arose:

macklemore 4

Hard feelings about the whole experience were still alive and well:

macklemore 15

macklemore 23

macklemore 19

macklemore 14

The anxiety of a sell-out was rampant:

macklemore 20

And finally, VICTORY:

macklemore 18

macklemore 1

macklemore 26

Without a doubt, this morning’s festivities did nothing less than get us even more hyped for what will be the greatest Modstock this campus has ever seen. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, we may be severely sleep-deprived, but we’re ready for you.

Screenshots by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media.





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