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An exclusive interview with the Strip Mod

In preparation for the Strip Mod’s much-anticipated spring show this evening, we sat down with the Mod’s inhabitants to get the inside scoop!

Picture from the fall show! Courtesy of Rob Rossi

Picture from the fall show!
Courtesy of Rob Rossi.

What’s the theme of this semester’s show?

Honoring the legacy, pursuing nakedness.

What will make this performance different from last semester’s?

You can look forward to more nakedness, warmer weather, and a better overall performance. There will also be louder and better music. Also we’ll be getting some help from the girl’s Mod next door.

What was your workout routine?

10,000 sit ups a day (workouts are taken very seriously).

Are you guy nervous?

No. We are never nervous. We will be hammered and alcohol is a great performance enhancer.

Why did you pick the Strip Mod?

Several reasons— There were no other Mods left, it has a great backyard, and we wanted to preserve the tradition.

Do any of you have dance experience?

Many of us have some experience from cultural dance teams and from dancing in the culture show.

What are your thoughts on stripping in the future?

It's a marketable quality...but most of us have different plans for our post-college lives.

When did you start practicing for this performance?

We started practicing the day after the last performance.

What is the best part of living in the Strip Mod?

The bragging rights of saying you live in Strip Mod. Also, we get free drinks at Cityside. And we really get to express ourselves through dance.

SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT, at 9 p.m., MOD 27B.

Follow the Strip Mod on Twitter @BCSTRIPMOD (Take pictures & videos!)