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A 'Sesqui' year in hashtags

As I write this, I'm listening to LadySmith Black Mambazo, and I'm thinking: we've really come a long way this year, I mean apart from BC turning 150 and all, there's much more to it. Let me take you back through the year. We'll start with the most recent and work backwards. Sit back, take a listen (promise it's not LadySmith), and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

1. We took our shirts off with Strip Mod Spring 2013. And got nasty @BCStripMod

2. We finally made it to see this guy. #wutwutwutwut IT WAS @#$%^&* AWESOME.


Photo by Christie Merino/Gavel Media

After camping out or scalping tickets for absurd amounts of moolah.

(Get your tickets at 'Thrift Shop': Modstock scalping)

3. We spent an entire Friday terrorized and locked up in our dorms with our eyes glued to the TV. We prayed that justice would be served. We prayed that our beloved BCPD would keep us from harm. But most of all we got a little stir crazy. It's times like these that we realize just how strong we are when we stand together. #WEAREBC #BOSTONSTRONG


4. At 8 a.m. we were shotgunning. By 9 a.m. beer olympics had begun. At 10:00 a.m. barbecuing began and the Mods filled up. Around 11:30 a.m. the elite runners, the Kenyans, ran by. We ate, we drank, we cheered, we enjoyed the good weather, and the spirit that embodies the day. We are true SuperFans for anyone in a yellow T-shirt or that has a name written on their running gear. And when the crowds started coming, we saw the first of our own. Our friends, our Campus School runners. Their bodies were sore--and everyone was dehydrated. We jumped the gates, we ran like we'd been training as hard as the runners. This was our moment. It's always been ours, Marathon Monday has always been our day. But as the rush of BC students kept coming, all of a sudden the US and ROTC military got an alert and stopped dead in their tracks. At approximately 2:45 p.m.,  Marathon Monday, dubbed the best day of the year hands down at BC, turned into a quick and sobering nightmare. The words "I survived Marathon Monday" have never rung truer. It's OUR Marathon Monday, OUR city, and they-who-do-not-deserve-to-be-named will never take that away from us.WE decide when our marathon ends. #MarathonMonday #TheLast5


5. The morning of April 7th, #thisisnotadrill, it's a #fireemergency in Stayer Hall. A room on the fifth floor catches fire and students were locked out for the rest of the night while waiting for BCPD and Boston Fire Department to respond and put out the fire. (Stayer Hall evacuated due to fire)



6. Condoms clash with Catholic values. But we knew that. Since 2009, BC Students for Sexual Health have been providing sexual health resources free of charge to any student who wants them. Safe Sites, the student-run dorm rooms that had a stash of these resources, were one of the ways BCSSH was able to provide the resources.

(BC cracks down on BCSSH 'Safe Sites')

Well, the administration finally decided it was not okay with this and cracked down on March 15. The news became global with countless major news organizations making a presence here at BC to interview none other than Lizzie Jekanowski, the chair of BCSSH, go head to head with Jack Dunn, the director of public affairs for Boston College. #condomclash 


7. All of this happened just a week after Pope Francis, the first non European pope, was elected. (You should probably know this about the pope.)


8. A monumental thing was born on February 19 that will forever change how we view secrets, share our feelings, and deal with internal problems. Boston College Confessions has changed our world and has effectively brought a new light to the power of social media: it can now be therapeutic. It is also now a huge source for procrastination.


9. No words needed besides these. #dotheharlemshake


Photo by Victoria Southwood/Gavel Media



10. We spent an entire Friday finding Nemo and when he came we turned into 5-years-old who'd never seen snow. Too many inches of snow later, the Mods were covered in forts and all the trays had to be hidden in the dining halls to prevent students from turning them into sleds. #SnowstormNemo




11. For the Spring semester classes, the building and construction site that took away our beloved Dustbowl opened for classes. I feel like I'm in a law office building every time I walk in there. Try the elevators, they talk to you. Like in Harry Potter. Stokes Hall, north and south, my friends is BC's new prized possession. It is beautiful. $78 million later, was it worth it?


12. We made it over the fiscal cliff without falling. No, instead, we kicked the can down the road and we're continuously 'sequestering'. Not that anyone really fully understands what this all will mean for the future financial status of the US and the implications that will have on each person. #arewefallingyet?


13. Strip Mod 2012 happend. And we didn't miss a minute of it. Obvi.

14. On Dec. 9, we were reminded that O'Neill isn't just the place we drag our feet to when we have a 25-page research paper due the next day that we STILL haven't started. It is also the last name of a very important person in BC history: Thomas 'Tip' O'Neill and it would have been his 100th birthday had he been alive.


15. The GLBTQ Leadership Council officially launched its campaign to bring @Ellen2BC in aim to raise awareness about GLBTQ issues. Read more here and the campaign ain't over!


16. We shook our heads at BC varsity soccer player Stephanie McCaffrey for using Twitter inappropriately.





17. On Nov. 10, we lose more than just a game to Notre Dame for the fourth year in a row. We lose our dignity and our faith in BC as a prestigious athletic school. All of this just after President Barack Obama was re-elected and #legalizepot became a reality in #Colorado and #Washington. (Top 10 Pothead Movies).

18. Hurricane Sandy hit us just before Halloween. Although it gave us a day off from school, it didn't stop us from celebrating the holiday as tradition dictates. #idontfeelanything Unfortunately, others weren't so lucky. New Jersey and New York are still feeling the effects while we've forgotten it even happened.


19. Yeah, this happened. We went crazy with it. #doingitgangamstyle It may or may not have taken us a while to realize he wasn't saying 'condom star'.

20. On Oct. 15, Felix Baumgartner jumps from 128,000 feet above the Earth to free fall at a rate faster than the speed of sound. Eight million people watched him make it safely to Earth on YouTube. #whatadaredevil Breaking a sound barrier? #nbd for him, he didn't feel anything he says. #fearlessfelix


21. Rome wasn't built in a dayBrad Bates the new athletic director as of Oct. 9 said alongside new Head Coach Steve Addazio. Addazio was appointed in December when Coach Spaz was finally fired. #firespaz


22. The iPhone 5 went on sale on Sept. 21. Apple found a new way to suck money out of us by changing the charger for this phone. It's okay though, we're so attached to the brand we'll pay for it. #iloveapple 

(10 ways your iPhone is stressing you out)

23. Even though the 110 St. Thomas More Rd. dorm got a new name on Sept. 7 (it's called Stayer now, in case you didn't know), it will forever be known as the Gate. Just like Maloney was Campanella. And Stokes Lawn was the Dustbowl. And O'Neill Lawn was O'Neill Plaza.


I guess a lot has happened and things are changing. They'll always be changing. What will this campus look like/be like five years down the road when I come back for the 5-year anniversary of my graduation and when all you freshmen will be freshly out of college?

Oh yeah, remember that time when we came back for school in September and there was no more Chobani at the dining halls? Yeah, that was probably the most significant event of this school year.




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