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Upbeat Studying playlist #TBT

It’s Thursday, which means that you likely have taken a few finals and have a few more to go. I don’t know about you, but at this point in the finals process, I’m done with the slow, purely piano and orchestral movie score study soundtracks. I need some variety to keep me from getting bored! We’re so close to being done, so near to summer that I can actually taste my mom’s famous cooking. With all this in mind, I’m ready to kick the rest of my finals in the butt, which means I need some summery-sounding, upbeat tunes to fuel my study sessions. Hope this helps you stay busy, finish up strong, and get ready to enjoy your summer!

 10. Beatles: "Good Day, Sunshine"


Even if you’re not a Beatles fan, you’re still a Beatles fan. It’s impossible not to like some of their songs, this one included. Try to listen to this song and not imagine yourself falling asleep on a beach somewhere. I dare you.

9. 'N Sync: "Tearin’ Up My Heart"


This song and ‘N Sync in general screams summer. I think it’s because it reminds me of simpler times: being little and dancing along to their songs with my cousins. I’m still obsessed with how ‘90s this music video looks and how the boys are jumping around and being silly, especially since Justin Timberlake (age fifteen) looks like a baby. It’s just a really fun song and video.

8. The Little Mermaid: "Under the Sea"


What a perfect summer song. One day I was studying with a friend in Bapst and he told me the Disney Pandora station makes for the best study music. I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of that earlier. Thanks for the inspiration, Andy, not that I needed an actual reason to add a Disney song.

7. U2: "Beautiful Day"


U2 is another band that reminds me of summer, but maybe only through nostalgia. My dad really likes U2 and I can picture swimming in my pool or having cookouts with U2 playing in the background. I probably wouldn’t believe you if you said this song doesn’t relax you, cheer you up, and get you looking forward to summer.

6. JoJo: "Baby It’s You"


I was a big fan of JoJo, what with her being so young and sassy, and had this song on repeat for probably a month when it dropped in fourth grade. It’s summery, it’s fun and upbeat, the video is set at an amusement park, and it’s catchy as heck. What else could you possibly ask for to keep you busy while studying?

5. Maroon 5: "Sunday Morning"


Let’s travel back in time to the days when Maroon 5 was jazzy and soulful and lovely and I had Songs About Jane on CD and could fall asleep listening to this timeless song. My friends and I still blast this and sing along to it on drives. No more of this “Payphone” garbage, I beg!

4. Atmosphere: "Sunshine"


A perfect example of chill, summery hip-hop song with lyrics that create the image of a guy stepping outside and having his hangover cured by nature.

3. Sugar Ray: "Fly"


This was Sugar Ray’s first mainstream hit. The featured reggae guy makes for a great summer track. Sugar Ray is a classic summer band anyway; check out “Under the Sun” too.

2. Weezer: "Island In The Sun"


This is one of those quintessential summer songs. In fact, any Weezer song is pretty summery in my opinion. There’s something in Rivers Cuomo’s voice that is just so beachy.

1. Modest Mouse: "Float On"


Modest Mouse is one of my favorite bands ever and this is probably one of my all-time favorite songs. Listening to it makes me want to hop in my car and open all the windows and take a long drive. And it’s got a universal message that we could all benefit from hearing during finals week: even if you failed that geoscience exam, we’ll all float on okay.



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