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“Mad Men” Season 6, Episode 8: The Crash

“I did it, I have 666 ideas!” –Stan

HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE. YAY. Enjoy the honeymoon phase because, let’s be honest, (for most of us) summer starts to suck about three weeks after we get home. Unless, of course, you’re: 1) Taylor Swift (spending the summer with another fabulous family, maybe?) 2) Have a social life (not even going to pretend I can go with this excuse) 3) WATCHING MAD MEN.  Seriously, Mad Men is my savior. If it weren’t for Don Draper, I’d be spending my summer watching a slew of The Real Housewives of ___________  (I prefer Atlanta but beggars can’t be choosers), including those extra-special reunion episodes.  But I get to struggle through the summer alongside the madmen of Mad Men—who continuously make me feel a little bit better about my life choices (and have inspired me to install an actual bar, with fancy glasses, in my future office).

The end of “Don Grey”

(Hoping you all got that Fifty Shades of Grey reference…no shame). Wasn’t Don getting a little too BDSM during last week’s episode? He couldn’t control anything else in his life so he decided to assert control over Sylvia, and it was getting a little too master-slave for my liking. Thankfully, Sylvia ended it. This isn’t the first affair we’ve seen end badly for Don…. but his reaction shows a whole new side of him. Frankly, Don gets pretty pathetic.

“I can’t fall in love”

Like I said, throughout the episode, Don struggles with the fact that his affair is over. Sylvia made it clear from the beginning that she wouldn’t fall for him, and usually this isn’t a problem for Don. He never gets attached. In fact, usually the women are the problem. This is the first woman, in a long time, who has had the strength to walk away from him. And this just makes Don want her more. It feels like his longing for her is stronger than the relationship itself.  ALSO, how creepy is it when Don stands outside of her apartment with his ear to the door…? Come on Don, have some self-respect. This isn’t the suave and swagged out man we once knew.


Speed, to be more specific. I’ll admit I had to look it up to confirm. Basically, a doctor comes in with some mystery “energy syrum” to get their creative juices flowing. Chevy is demanding a lot from them, and this is supposed to help their thought processes. BUT, as you might expect, speed (amphetamine) makes you CRAZY. And it is hilarious to see the office unravel in this drug-fueled trance. Their creativity is completely unfocused and they really get nothing accomplished.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Don Draper: The child behind the mystery?

For Don, the drugs bring back even more flashbacks and hallucinations than usual. I’ve come to the conclusion that Don’s flashbacks correlate with his craziness. And this episode, he seemed to be going insane. BUT, I think we might’ve actually uncovered something about him this episode. In the six seasons of Mad Men, there is very little revealed about Don Draper. As the viewers, we know more about him than anything else but still, most of the time, we are at a loss for words when it comes to explaining his behavior. In this episode, we learned about his history with women. For Don, there is clearly a very maternal aspect of love. I mean, the man lost his virginity to the only woman who ever came close to being a mother to him…that has got to be confusing. There’s no justification for his actions but they definitely make more sense now. We have a clearer sense of what sex means to him—finding comfort and love in the only way he knows.

Frank Gleason dies

I can’t say I was too sad about this. It has been a while since he had any significant role in the show, and I was never attached. However, it does change the dynamics in the office. As the power struggle between Ted and Don continues, it is going to be harder for Ted to manage. Frank was basically the only person that Ted could trash Don to…because he understood. Now that Ted’s lost that, it’s going to prove harder to cope.

Kenny’s Tap Dance

HAHAHHAHA. I have no words. This was, by far, my favorite part of the episode. The sped up Don and Ken have one of the most hilarious interactions of the season during this episode. Don keeps making grand Abraham-Lincoln-esque speeches, and during such a rant,  Kenny randomly starts tap-dancing. The guy literally breaks it down show biz style. It was just so fitting, of course Kenny Cosgrove tap dances when he is on drugs. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media


WOAH, Peggy has been doing work in the man department. A few episodes ago Ted kissed her, and now Stan goes in for the kill. I don’t think it actually meant anything; Stan is just a horny guy.  Even so, I couldn’t help thinking that Peggy’s transformation to Don Draper is almost complete. She almost has the scandalous-office-affair to top it all of. But then Peggy said something that made me realize that she’ll never be Don Draper. When Stan started talking about the recent death in his family Peggy responded, you have to let yourself feel it. That is not the advice Don Draper would give. In fact, there are times when it is hard to believe he has any emotions at all. At the end of the day, Peggy is very human. She has been through a lot but she’s dealt with it and moved on in the healthiest way. She is still very much grounded in the world around her. And so, Peggy will not be the next Don Draper (I might be a little disappointed).


Is Meaghan having an affair?

Was it just me or did Meaghan get a little too dressed up to see her agent? Before she left Sally and co. to go meet him, there was a moment when they asked her why she was going…and she just gave them a weird look and didn’t respond. Things between Meaghan and Don have been weird—and I don’t think she is as naïve as Betty was. Does she know what he’s up to? Is she retaliating?

The New Dweeby Creative Duo

I don’t know the names of this new creative duo but I’m really liking them. They worked under Peggy before.  They’ve got some clever lines, and I’m hoping they’ll have a bigger role in the show. It’s always interesting to see the creative team interact, and this time it was particularly amusing because they were all drugged up.

“I realized I don’t know anything about you”- Sally

Now, obviously the other big part of the episode was the fact that Don and Meaghan’s apartment got broken into and robbed by a black woman. The event emphasized the fact that these kids really aren’t being parented in any form. Don and Betty are both to blame for this. It also showed the fact that Don’s kids know nothing about him. Sally was fooled into thinking a black woman was her grandmother! I thought Sally’s conversation with her dad was a great way to end the episode - yes, we learnt a new small truth about Don’s past…but at the end of the day, do we ever really know anything about Don Draper?Gavel ad

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