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The perfect summer playlist

A friend of mine showed me 8tracks about a year ago and I have been obsessed ever since. The best part: you get to listen to the music for free. At first I only listened to playlists made by others. I would search by artist, genre or mood and find thousands of playlists that matched the kind of music I was looking for. Finding new music and rediscovering forgotten songs is something I take pride in. 8tracks is ideal for me because it connects me with mixes of all types. 


Eventually I decided it was time to step up and make my own playlist. I made my first playlist over Easter break, and it became pretty popular on 8tracks. Most of my friends enjoyed it as well, and I decided to keep making playlists. For my newest playlist, I decided to make a summer mix. I wanted to create the type of playlist that is versatile so that as many people as possible could enjoy it. If I had to categorize it, I would describe the mix as something I would want to listen to at the beach with my friends.

Click HERE to be linked to my playlist on 8tracks. My summer playlist contains 14 tracks, but I thought I would describe the first 5 to give you a feel for the mix.

 Call Me Crazy – PJ Simas


You may have noticed that "Call Me Crazy" is also the title of the playlist. This song was my inspiration for the playlist. I had never heard of PJ Simas before this song, but as soon as I heard it I instantly thought of summer. I have a soft spot for positive, chill rap songs. I listened to more of PJ Simas music, and a lot of his songs have a similar summer vibe.

Corona and Lime – Shwayze


Shwayze is one of my favorite artists. I become instant friends with anyone who shares my love of his music. However, every year during the winter I kind of forget about Shwayze. This all changes as soon as summer begins. I decided to use "Corona and Lime" because it is a Shwayze classic.

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker


I have never been the world’s biggest country fan, but when I heard this song on Spotify earlier in the school year I changed my mind on the genre. "Wagon Wheel" is catchy, fun, addictive and everyone knows the lyrics. I have been thankful more than once at parties when this song came on and I was able to join in with the sing-along. This summer is a great opportunity for me to keep exploring country music.

Opposite of Adults – Mac Miller


This song reminds me of a summer party. I consider most of Mac Miller’s music to be party music. Summer makes up the 3 months of the year that we don’t have any schoolwork or exams. It’s time to enjoy life with some mindless Mac Miller.

Memories Back Then – Hustle Gang (ft. T.I., B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens)


Summer is always my time to look back on the last school year and look forward to the next school year. I heard this song one of my first nights back in Hershey and I think it captures that essence of reevaluating everything.


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