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Five weeks after the Boston marathon, runners finish the race

Photo courtesy of mgstanton/flickr.

Photo courtesy of mgstanton/flickr.

After training for months and running twenty-five miles only to be stopped before the finish, thousands of dedicated runners were determined to take back the race that had been stolen from them on April 15th. A wave of blue-and-yellow-clad runners who were unable to complete the Boston Marathon due to the bombings ran the final mile to the Boylston Street finish line on Saturday, May 25, 2013. The name of the event was “OneRun,” and its official slogan was, “We’ll get our finish.”

In remembrance of the three people who were killed near the finish and the police officer who was killed several days later, three American flags and one Chinese flag were carried across the finishing line. The choir from St. Ann's parish, where eight-year-old victim Martin Richard worshipped, sang the national anthem.

gavel2The event helped honor both the victims of the attack and the emergency personnel who helped in the aftermath of the attack. Kyle Shade, a volunteer flag-bearer and 2013 marathon finisher  said to, “We’ll keep running. There’s nothing they can do to stop Boston.”

There was a lot of emotion, as it was a day full of both sorrow and joy. Plenty of tears were shed, but there was also a huge amount of support from spectators who shouted and cheered as the participants ran down Boylston Street. “For the runner that didn’t get the chance to finish the marathon, this is the chance for them to experience the final mile that was taken away from them,” OneRun spokeswoman Kathleen McGonagle said to

Photo courtesy of Rebecca_Hildreth/Flickr.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca_Hildreth/Flickr.

Many of those injured in the attacks were present to show their support or even participate in the completion of the marathon. Rather than serving as a race, this run acted as a means of healing for Boston.

A similar event took place on Sunday, May 26 at the Indianapolis 500, where dozens of Boston Marathon runners were given the opportunity to finish the race. These runners ran the front stretch of the track in the time between the national anthem and the start of the race.

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