Boston College is a "New Ivy"

An annual list complied by Unigo was recently released and featured by the Huffington Post. The Top 10 New Ivies list featured schools like Wesleyan, Swarthmore and UCLA based on their academic rankings, student body demographics, and achievements of students both during and after college. While schools like Macalester and Duke have made multiple appearances on the list in the past, Boston College received a spot on the list for the first time since Unigo started this tradition.

Photo courtesy of Gavel Media

Photo courtesy of Gavel Media

Coming in at number ten, Boston College was picked for its blend of old and new traditions. While celebrating 150 years as a leading university and holding true to Catholic and Jesuit ideology, BC has shown its ability to adapt to changing times with the debut of the “Master Plan”. This was put into full swing with the renovations of O’Neil Plaza, Stokes Hall, Gasson Hall, the impending refurbishment of St. Mary’s and the Gasson quad as well as many other improvements to places like the Plex and a substantial addition to campus housing.

Recently completed Stokes Lawn Photo courtesy of Gavel Media

Recently completed Stokes Lawn
Photo courtesy of Gavel Media

The renovations will cost the school 1.6 billion dollars. It not only includes aesthetic upgrades to BC’s infrastructure, but also means the hiring of new faculty to add to the BC family. Unigo also pointed out that BC has one of the largest endowments in the nation. Coming in at 41st with over 1.6 million as of 1 year ago, Boston College alumni take care of their fellow Eagles. This allows BC to attract the best and the brightest without denying those in need of aid. BC recently started a new campaign to attract further donations called Light the World. The school hopes to reach 100,000 donors and total 1.5 billion dollars.


BC was also put on this list as a result of faculty that go beyond the call of duty. Whether it be a 200 person lecture or a ten person discussion group, students of BC have said time and again that their professors put in extra effort to make their classes more enjoyable. Not only are they energetic and ready to engage students in the classroom, but also they are more and more willing to give extra help outside of the classroom. Whether that be giving out cell phone numbers for late night questions on a paper or inviting students over to their homes for dinners, BC faculty prove every day how much they care about their students.

The end of this year will mark the end of BC’s sesquicentennial. After 150 years, Boston College has remained true to its Jesuit Catholic founding and continues to teach students to be men and women for others in the modern world.


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