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Summer sports rant: separation anxiety, Bill Simmons, and some Canadian hoops

Sports Editor Teddy Kolva compiled some noteworthy and interesting content to soothe the pain of a lengthy, often dull summer break. Call it a Twitter feed of sorts—except far from 140 characters, solely about Boston and Boston College, and not as aesthetically pleasing.

Quelling separation anxiety

As Emily Akin so poignantly put it in her summer blog on BC separation anxiety, one of the best ways to deal with the pain of not living on the Heights –unless you are interning in Beantown or on campus working for the Office of First Year Experience—is to cherish the little things that make BC, well, BC.

Take a look at our “Top Five Most Unforgettable Sports Moments of 2012-2013” to relive the positives of the school year, and give “For Boston” a fighting chance on your iPod shuffle when you have the opportunity.

Nothing brings back fond memories of football season more than the chorus to the best—and oldest—fight song in the nation.

I also recommend everyone keep a countdown to kickoff for next year. Get an app that serves as a reminder of the amazing things Addazio and Co. will do once August 31st hits. It’s worth your time.

In case you didn’t know, football season starts in about 83 days.

Bill Simmons does it again--for the

thousandth time

For those of you who aren’t familiar, innovative journalist and ESPN personality Bill Simmons started a blog called a few years ago. Named for the great, late Grantland Rice, a pioneer in the field of sports journalism, the blog features Simmons and a troop of writers giving their pop-culture-infused, intellectual take on any and all sports.

Recently, Simmons wrote an article that touched me. It’s hard to really grasp what it exactly meant to me—but I could wholeheartedly relate to his feelings in the piece.

It’s about the heartbreak that often occurs when too much care and passion is put into one sports team. Any avid follower can relate.

Check it out here:

As a part-Ohio State fan, I felt the pain Simmons describes so well, especially after being on the short end of multiple BCS football championships. Besides that, it’s well worth the read—even if fandom isn’t something you can totally relate to.

Hanlan selected for Canadian

Development National Team

Olivier Hanlan was named on to the 16-man roster for the Canadian Development National Team last week. Among the other selections were Kentucky’s Kyle Wiltjer, a Canadian and American citizen, and Baylor’s Brady Heslip—a former Boston College guard who packed his bags and took off to Texas in 2010.

Hanlan, the ACC rookie of the year, spent some time in Oregon (the site of the team’s training facility) last week before heading back to Chestnut Hill to train for next season. It’s good to see Hanlan polishing his skills on a competitive stage and committing himself to the game year-round.

The best never stop getting better and Hanlan is doing just that.

Feature Photo By Billy Foshay / Gavel Media.

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