Photo Blog: Summertime at its finest - sets on the beach

Living in Newport Beach, California where “it’s summertime and the livin’s easy,” the temperature rarely drops below a frigid 72 with minor cloud cover.  Every other Friday I’ll showcase the secret gems and lifestyles of us Newport Beach residents.  As we, Southern Californians, love to showcase our dark skin tones and big muscles on the beach, nothing better describes summer than some competitive beach volleyball.

Here's a shot of Los Angeles Galaxy player, Jack McBean, starting off with a little jump floater.

In all honesty, he really isn't that high up...just a lucky photo to make him look sick.


Here's Connor Gaal getting up at the net to put it away.

Focused Michael Ortlieb plays the first bump after a powerful serve.

Just barely getting it over the blocker.

Callin' someone out.

All photos by Jono Keedy/Gavel Media


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