Shopping for Father’s Day

Wondering what to get good ol’ dad for Father’s Day? Commercials and TV ads have broken it down to two options: tools or button down shirts. For those of you wishing to go the extra mile and show your dad that he means more to you than what he can build, there are other options out there. With only a few days left until the big day, here are some ideas for last minute gifts that will leave your dad smiling and feeling appreciated.


Make him a mix CD or buy him a vinyl record. If your dad’s a big music fan, the easy option would be a CD. But considering he probably already has copies of his favorite CDs, consider making him a mix CD with all his favorite songs from ‘back in the day.’ This will show you really know him and spent time on his gift. If your dad is more technologically advanced than the average father, you can put the playlist on his iPhone or iPad. Or consider buying him some vinyl records. Nothing will make him feel younger than listening to The Beatles how he did when he was 18. Your local library or yard sale will often have hundreds of vinyl records for super cheap.

Make him his favorite meal. Whether this means beer and steak or a finely chopped lamb, nothing makes dad happier than a hearty meal he already loves.  If his favorite meal is a few slices of Pizza Hut, your job just got that much easier.

Make him a memory book. If your dad’s anything like mine, he’s terrible at remembering the little things. Sure he’ll remember the day he got married, but ask him what he had for dinner the day before and he’s lost. A lot of little things also tend to slip by us. Go through your text messages, find the good ones, and collect them all on a paper. You could even have a ‘remember when….’ section of your Father’s Day card earmarking the little things he did all year that made a difference to you. For example, “remember when you went to Target at 11pm after working all day to buy me themed socks so I could wear them at school the next day?” That one was true for me, but every little thing counts, and he’ll love being reminded.

Screenshot by Itzel Ayala/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Itzel Ayala/Gavel Media

Throw him a bone.  Dads are one of a kind, and often so are their ideas and interests. For a dad who only has daughters, going on that camping trip he’s always wanted could be a big gesture. If there’s anything he’s always wanted to do or go somewhere that the rest of the family wasn’t really up for, now’s the time to indulge him and get involved in what he likes to do, and do them with him.

Tell him he’s ‘cool’. On the topic of indulging, you could take this time to really indulge and call him a cool dad.  Make sure this one goes along with a sentiment of authentic appreciation for everything he does. While you’re at it, remind him you love him and how truly awesome he is.

You only get one dad, and when a cologne or new power drill just doesn’t capture how much you appreciate dear old man, remember that a homemade gift goes a long way.

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