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Hockey in Boston

The city of Boston has some of the greatest hockey teams in the country. Whether it’s the Boston Bruins, the Boston College Eagles, the Boston University Terriers or the Northeastern Huskies, these teams show just how important hockey is to the East Coast. And more importantly, each of these teams prove just how loyal and passionate their fans are at each and every game.

As an avid hockey fan who grew up in Minnesota, I can’t count the number of hockey games I’ve gone to over the years. I’ve had hockey season tickets for all three of my years at BC and experienced the good and bad times the BC hockey program has had lately. As a lifelong Bruins fan, recently I had the opportunity to attend the Bruins vs. Blackhawks Game 1 for the Stanley Cup Finals in Chicago. This was by far the best hockey experience I’ve ever had, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how similar this experience is to the many BC games in Conte Forum.


First, since the Eagles’ season ended months ago, it had been a while since I was at a game. I had forgotten what the hockey atmosphere was like. Intense fans all showing their support in team colors, the loud roars and cheers throughout the game that everyone seems to know the words to, and the hope that your team comes out on top are all elements that each and every fan experiences throughout the 60 minutes (or a whopping 110 minutes in the case of Game 1) of intense hockey. I’ve seen the excitement of SuperFans in Conte Forum every time a goal is scored and it’s these moments that make the game experience memorable no matter if it’s a college or professional level team.

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Chicago’s United Center is home of the Blackhawks, but it has nothing on our Conte Forum.  The United Center may have just under three times the capacity of Conte, but when any arena is packed it brings out the best of the team.

In the past three years I’ve called Boston my home, I’ve been lucky enough to have my two favorite teams win big, but of course I’m greedy and want more. Hopefully the Bruins series ends with a victory for Boston and my senior year at BC ends with a National Championship. Just like the Bruins, BC’s hockey team is no stranger to huge games. Winning the NCAA National Championship in 2008, 2010, and 2012, and countless wins in the Beanpot have proven that we know what were doing on the ice and we do it well.

The reality of hockey though is that your team can’t win every game. Unfortunately, I saw the Bruins fall to the Blackhawks in triple overtime in Game 1, but there is still time for them to bring the Cup back to Boston. I’ve been to my fair share of BC hockey losses too but what is more important is the will to improve and keep fighting next time. Hopefully BC’s loss to Union in the first round this year will create the motivation for the team to work harder this fall and of course I hope the B’s will redeem themselves and pull out a win in Game 2.

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All of the Boston hockey teams show what a thrilling sport hockey is to watch. As I’m getting ready to watch my beloved Bruins for the second game in the Stanley Cup Finals tonight at 8pm, I’m also counting down the days for the Eagles to get back on the ice so I can get back in the stands.


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