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BC Separation Anxiety: Being a Super Fan

BC Separation Anxiety is a blog where I lament all things Boston College related that I will sorely miss this summer. I will do my best not to be whiney, but the struggle is real and sometimes I just won’t be able to help myself. Deal with it.  A senior who just graduated also told me that I have no right to complain, since I’ll be returning to the Heights in September. Again, deal with it. But to that I say: you may need this blog just as much, if not more, than I do.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 1.20.55 PMAll of this high quality Stanley Cup hockey really has me getting all nostalgic about ye old days of Beanpot glory. As Katelyn Crowley points out, Boston hockey is Boston hockey, but we miss those Eagles! Mostly I miss calling people sieves and watching Jerry York BAMF it up in Conte Forum. But about 45% of my BC hockey nostalgia is being fueled by my love for a particular inanimate object. That’s right. I actually think I’m having Super Fan t-shirt withdrawals.

Impossible, you say?

WRONG, I say.

Why? Because being a college Super Fan is the best. Don’t get me wrong, professional sports are great. I love pro-sports. The Red Sox schedule dictates my social life in the summer, there are more framed pictures of Tom Brady in my house than there are of me, and #BecauseItsTheCup the Bruins currently own my Twitter account.

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What makes college sports so great are the shared experiences. The feeling that you’re screaming your lungs out, cheering on your peers, is the highlight of game day. We essentially get to be Super Fans of each other. It’s a refreshing sense of camaraderie in a world where sarcasm and criticism usually define our day-to-day communication.

FP3741~Boston-College-Logo-PostersBeing a Super Fan of BC students is the part of the Super Fan lifestyle that you subscribe to once putting on that flattering t-shirt. Do I feel more connected to Daniel Paille, who scored the game-winning goal for the Bruins last night, or Johnny Gaudreau? Well I saw Johnny Gaudreau at a Mod party once and we’re both sophomores at Boston College, so he wins.

Hey, I took ‘Intro to Space Weather’ with half of the basketball team. We’re practically best friends! (Nope.) Of course I can be their Super Fan! I used to see Alex Amidon making out with his girlfriend in my dorm’s elevator all of the time. You go Alex; I’m totally a Super Fan! Ryan Anderson complimented my Halloween costume last year. Am I a Super Fan? OBVIOUSLY.

My point is that it’s far more fun to cheer for people you know, even if you only ever see them walking through the Quad or falling asleep in Devlin 008. It makes the losses more bearable and the victories sweeter. Whenever the hockey team loses, it’s okay. They probably had a rough mid-term schedule, and I can sympathize with that. Whenever the hockey team wins, it’s amazing. They have just as much work as I do, how do they pull both academic and athletics off?! It’s not a conditional love; it’s an Alma-Mater inspired, peer-respecting love that transcends a two-win football season.

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Photo by Gillian Freedman/Gavel Media

The adult world does not embrace the college sports mentality. It’s no fun being a Super Fan of some random thirty-year old who, for all intents and purposes, only exists on  television. So when I tell my Dad that I’m a Super Fan of Dustin Pedroia, it’s just not the same. And he laughs at me, because apparently "Super Fan" isn't a commonly used phrase outside of Boston College. #Whatever

gavel4I love Dustin Pedroia. But I’ve never seen him falling asleep in the back of a lecture hall. And I’ve certainly never screamed myself hoarse with thousands of other people, all of whom are wearing the exact same shirt as me, over his athletic prowess.  I can’t really relate to someone who gets paid millions of dollars a year to play baseball.

This is exactly why I’m having Super Fan t-shirt withdrawals. I’m not physically craving that weird baggy Under Armour material. (Seriously who picked those out.) It’s the student experience and uniting factor which makes me love that gross golden fabric. We may all have different slogans on the back, (“Building character, becoming champions” for the reverse-acronym win, by the way.) but we all have the same roid-jacked Eagle on the front.

Give me that Super Fan shirt over a Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics/Bruins jersey any day. And I’m from Massachusetts. That’s not a statement that should be taken lightly.

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