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International update: World news you missed this week

Although it may be summer, it's never out of style to know what's going on around the world. Before you hit the beach, get updated on the news you need to know.


Photo courtesy of FreedomHouse/Flickr.

Photo courtesy of FreedomHouse/Flickr.


The US will expand its aid to Syrian rebels fighting the Assad government in the nation’s bloody conflict. Discussing the dispute in Syria will be a top priority at the 39th G8 Summit in Northern Ireland this week.



Discontent and violence carry on in Turkey where protests against the government have been met with police violence. Over 5,000 people have been injured and five have died since the beginning of the protests against Prime Minister Erdogan over two weeks ago.


Photo courtesy of Zscout370/Wikimedia Commons.


In a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Obama pledged to wean the US off hydrofluorocarbons. While the US and China are some of the largest producers of greenhouse gases in the world, the two nations have teamed up to persuade other large nations such as Brazil and India to join the push to eliminate HFCs.



Photo courtesy of Eli J. Medellin/Wikimedia Commons.

Photo courtesy of Eli J. Medellin/Wikimedia Commons.


Fifty-one people were killed in various bombings throughout Iraqi cities on June 16. The attacks took place mostly in largely Shiite sections of Baghdad. This wave of bombings represents the latest incidence of rising sectarian violence .


Photo courtesy of peter snoopy/Flickr.

Photo courtesy of peter snoopy/Flickr.

North Korea

North Korea extended an invitation to the US to engage in talks aimed to “ease tensions in the Korean Peninsula,” reported the nation’s news agency. Although North Korea canceled the opportunity to speak with South Korean officials last week, it has expressed interest in discussing military tensions and nuclear issues with US officials.


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