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Can’t stand the Heat: Quesadillas

If there’s anything I know for certain, it’s that no matter how well I can cook, eventually, I’ll be too tired to cook anything elaborate. I know for a fact that some days, I’ll be too lazy or busy and I will just refuse to make anything. And I'll probably resort to a microwave dinner.

To remedy this little situation, I made my favorite snack/meal. I say snack because quesadillas are awesomely portioned and it’s easy to make two if you’re eating them as a meal. I’ve been eating quesadillas since I was born so I don’t think any modesty is in order. I make quesadillas like a boss. They’re pretty amazing.

Quesadillas are really quick to make. Usually I make them really simply with just cheese and a tortilla. But when I’m having quesadillas as a full meal, I like to get fancy and add a few simple ingredients that turn a simple quesadilla into a delicious dinner.


gavel2What You Need:

1 tortilla

1 slice of cheese

½ tomato

1 slice of turkey

A quesadilla with just cheese is awesome, believe me, but adding turkey and tomato makes a huge difference. Any cheese of your choice will do. I usually buy some Mexican cheese from the local store, but since that might not be as accessible in Boston as in Southern California, Muenster cheese is also a very good choice. Seriously just add whatever cheese is your favorite. I also used a whole-wheat flour tortilla change things up from the usual corn tortillas I use, but either is fine.

photo 1

How to make an amazing quesadilla:

Place the tortilla on the pan and let it start heating. Place the slice of turkey next to it so it can be nice and cooked in the quesadilla. Make sure the tortilla stays soft. When it’s warm enough, flip it over and add the slice of cheese and the toasted slice of turkey on top.

Fold the tortilla in half and let it cook until the cheese melts. Make sure it doesn’t burn! When it’s ready, place it on a plate and open the quesadilla and add the slices of tomato. When it’s ready you can add something on top, like sour cream, guacamole, or like me, salsa.

Photos by Itzel Ayala/Gavel Media


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