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Bright Lights Bigger City: Beat the Heat

gavel3-300x300My second week in New York started out Monday morning with a weather forecast of ninety degrees, a “real feel” of ninety-nine, 73% humidity and a constant chance of sudden thunderstorms. In a city where the only breeze comes from the subway vents and shade can only be found in overcrowded parks or under store awnings, heat like this is insufferable. It makes you want to permanently turn on your air-conditioning unit and never venture outside the cool confines of your apartment. Unless, like me, you're determined to beat the heat without blowing up your electricity bill for the month. So far, I’ve come up with my own personal five-step plan for saving my utility bill without melting.


Step one: go shopping... for air conditioning. Last Sunday, my roommate and I were determined to get out of our apartment and explore the city a little more. We wandered around the neighborhood and, when the sun got just a little too hot, gladly stepped into H&M, Forever 21, and the like to "borrow" their air conditioning for a while. Warning: this method of heat avoidance may lead to unplanned purchases.


Step two: sneak into a pool. Certain friends of mine have spent some of the hottest weekend days of the summer at the rooftop pool of a certain luxury hotel (think: Kourtney and Kim Take New York, the Kris Humphries edition) that is supposed to be "guests-only." I don't know if I have the guts to sneak into a hotel, but I do have the guts to ask my fellow interns for use of the rooftop pool in their building. 

Can't see the Gansevoort pool from my view

Can't see the Gansevoort pool from this view...

Step three: use an umbrella. I don't think this is the most fashionable method of sun avoidance, but New Yorkers seem to have embraced it despite how silly they might look.

Umbrellas hanging over Madison Square Park

Umbrellas hanging over Madison Square Park

Step four: get out of the city. My boss went to the Hamptons. My neighbor went to Rockaway beach for the day.  My roommate stayed over in Connecticut one night. I love New York, but when it gets this hot, you sometimes have to cut yourself a break for a few hours. For me, my younger brother's high school graduation on Wednesday proved to be the perfect opportunity to leave the city for a day and use my pool.

Ah, perfection

Ah, perfection

Step five: embrace it. Become a member of the Central Park sunbathing club. Sweat it out at an outdoor restaurant or stand in the really long food truck line on your lunch break. For me, that means throwing on some sunglasses and SPF and heading up to my unfortunately pool-less roof top deck to catch some rays. I might be a little sweaty, but hey, things could be worse.

Looks like I'm not the only one

Looks like I'm not the only one

Photos and Screenshots by Jillian Timko/Gavel Media

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Name: Jillian Timko
School, major and year: Arts and Sciences, International Studies, 2014
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
What makes the Gavel so BANGin’? I love the Gavel because it’s so new. We are still figuring out who we are as an organization and how far we can go. While this presents us with a clear set of challenges, it’s really fun to try different things and build our own identity.
You have 24 hours to give prospective students a tour of BC and convince them to enroll. How do you spend the day?
First, I would take them on an actual tour of the campus—it’s beautiful and deserves to be shown off. Then I would take them to a football tailgate, a hockey game, and to Marathon Monday. And we would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Hillside – after an egg sandwich, a Panini, and a cheeseburger, who wouldn’t want to go to BC?
If you could go back in time and give yourself a pep talk the night before you moved into BC as a freshman, what is the most important piece of advice that you would give to your former self?
I would tell myself to keep pushing to meet new people and try new things. It’s easy to get stuck in a groove you’re comfortable with, but you should never limit yourself like that—the people at BC and the school itself have so much to offer.
What is your favorite study spot on campus?
A classroom in Gasson, or the booths on the first floor of O’Neill.
What is your go-to meal at Late Night?
Usually mozzarella sticks, sometimes pizza…
What is the #1 most played song on your iTunes?
Love and Memories by OAR
What is the best Halloween costume that you have ever worn?
I was a gumball machine, along with our lovely editor-in-chief, and we rocked it.
If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
There’s this Italian restaurant called Bolu in my hometown. It’s always absolutely delicious, and it has enough variety on its menu to get me through the rest of my life.
If you could befriend the main characters from any TV show or movie, who would you choose and why?
The characters on How I Met Your Mother. Mainly so I could experience the joy of high-fiving Barney Stinson all the time.