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BC Separation Anxiety: Instagrammin' Gasson

gavel4BC Separation Anxiety is a blog where I lament all things Boston College related that I will sorely miss this summer. I will do my best not to be whiney, but the struggle is real and sometimes I just won’t be able to help myself. Deal with it.  A senior who just graduated also told me that I have no right to complain, since I’ll be returning to the Heights in September. Again, deal with it. But to that I say: you may need this blog just as much, if not more, than I do.

I’m not going to pretend to be a huge Instagram user. I don’t even fully understand the concept. Do you hashtag every word of the caption or are those people just annoying?  Because I don’t really see the point of #the, or #a, or #an.

But this past weekend I went to visit friends in N.Y.C. and decided to resurrect my pathetic Instagram account from the grave. Why is it pathetic? Because I haven’t used it since we made this video in March:



Photo courtesy of Amy Shuler.

What’s even more pathetic is that when making that video I didn’t know that you have the option to NOT POST the pictures to your feed/wall/timeline (Which one is it?). That would have been some handy information at the time. The twelve people who follow me were probably ready to punch me in the face after that little project.

Oh how the tides have turned in the past week! I’m an informed Instagram user now: #watch #out #world. I went Instagram crazy in New York, which prompted this photo by my New Yorker friend. Apparently we were being uber tourists.

Sure, they may be a little amateur, but look at my pretty Instagrams! I took this one…


#Central #Park

And this one….


#Grand #Central

And then I forgot Instagram existed and stuck to Vine for the rest of the trip.  Whoops. Old habits of not giving a crap about Instagram die hard I guess. But I swear I will be better when there are prettier things around me.

Things like, I don’t know…. GASSON. Or Bapst. Or any building on campus that isn’t Carney. (R.I.P. Carney, I do actually miss having 5 out of 5 classes in your basement whose ceiling inevitably leaked questionable fluids onto my desk.)

I do work in a pretty nice building by Worcester standards, so I guess that’s decently Instagrammable. But everything else around me pales in comparison to the Gothic majesty that is Boston College’s main campus. Ready? Instagram off between Charlton/Worcester Massachusetts and Chestnut Hill, GO!


How I spend 98.5% of my time:

At home vs. At BC:




#Gavel #Layout #CTRC







How I spend the other 1.5% of my time:

 At home vs. at BC:


#must #buy











How I make it through my day:

At home vs. at BC:


#Two #bags #a #week

#to #go

#to #go




My Ride:

At home vs. at BC:



#T #life

#T #life








                                                       Cute things:

At home vs. at BC:




#Christmas #Card #502



At home vs. at BC:


#what's #good #picnic #table





My ginormous chair:

At home vs. at BC:


#RIP #Newton

#RIP #Newton




So, like, it's a tie right? 



IMG_20130630_125915Boom goes the dynamite, game over, better luck next time Central Massachusetts. You can’t compete with that.  I’ve visited friends at other schools and I did the requisite twenty million college tours TWICE, once with my Mom and once with my Dad.  And I still don’t think I’ve ever seen a more Instagrammable building on a college campus.

Sometimes it just takes leaving for three months to appreciate what we take for granted on a daily basis during the school year. But once we’re back in session I swear to St. Ignatius that I am going to look like the dorkiest freshman ever and Instagram Gasson all day every day.

Because YOLABO. #You #Only #Live #At #BC #Once.

All Instagrams by Emily Akin/Gavel Media


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