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4th of July overheards


4th of July weekend means different things to different people. Young children often associate the holiday with magnificent fireworks and those Old Navy flag t-shirts and parents with those neighborhood BBQs and a long weekend off from work.  For young adults the 4th of July can mean weekend-long benders. Whatever the memories, part of the country, or even generation, the 4th of July undoubtedly brings all walks of people out to celebrate our country's independence. So what does that mean for us at the Gavel? We get the pleasure of hearing some of the most patriotic, questionable and simply dumbfounding comments and questions. Nonetheless, here are some of our favorites from this past weekend.

"I have a beer opener in my flip flops cause I'm hot s**t."

beer opener flip flop

"I will paint this rocket red, white and blue as a tribute to my country." 

"Do you know when the waves will stop?" 

stopping waves


"My bathing suit isn't red white or blue. Can I still march in the parade?" 

"Yo, it's that guy!"  (referring to the Statue of Liberty...)

statue of liberty 

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