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Capital Views - A Capitol Fourth

Let me tell you about my friend Peter.

He has red hair. I’ve known him for too many years to count. He was my prom date.

Oh, and he interns at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)… which is why I was telling you about him in the first place. Duh.

So, anyway, Peter interns in D.C. like I do and loves it. He is a politics guy, and a legislative affairs intern at the FDIC. A few weeks ago he attended a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Peter's play by play texts to me the day of the hearing.

Peter's play by play texts to me the day of the hearing.

He was about as giddy as you will be after watching this child:

Peter and I meet up for lunch occasionally and talk about our workdays. We both sit at our respective cubicles, eager to help out our coworkers at a moment’s notice. We lament the D.C. metro and its incessant delays and track problems. We dawdle with other interns whether we want to or not.

A mid work day text from Peter.

A mid work day text from Peter.

It’s nice to have someone to share your experiences with, isn’t it?  Experience exshmerience. What’s Peter really good for? Now come on. It’s his connections to the FDIC 4th of July balcony party. Hence my 4th of July plans.

The FDIC does this cool thing where they open up their cafeteria/balcony to its employees and their friends and family. A.k.a ME. And that’s exactly what we did. Peter and three of our friends and two of my cousins stormed the FDIC building and it was a Capitol Fourth to remember.

Nice, eh?

Nice, eh?

The debilitating heat wasn’t an issue for us folks up above – we had a pleasant breeze as we looked down upon the sluggish masses decked out in red, white and blue. I felt like royalty… well at least this was as close to royalty as I am ever going to get. I felt elegant sitting on my cushioned chair as the people down below sweated in their lawn chairs.

Just a block away I could hear the White House party celebrating Malia Obama’s birthday and the independence of our country with a live fun. concert. I could hear every song. A live rendition of “Some Nights” blared in the background as fireworks shot into the sky. It was pretty magnificent. The Washington Monument looked absolutely radiant in its patriotic glow. Peter was sitting right next to me, along with my best friends and some of my family and it felt comfortably familiar.

gavel2My home is in Boston, but my roots are here in Washington. Pre-college Katie used to want to get as far away from her eight year D.C. life as she could. Nowadays, Washington doesn’t seem half bad. Not to be too patriotic but it’s pretty awe inspiring to be so close to the heart of our powerful nation, even if I am looking in from the distance of an intern. We can watch and listen and learn as much as we can.

Friends, family, fireworks and fun., literally and figuratively.

Photos and screenshots by Katie Levingston/Gavel Media 

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