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"Dexter" Episode 2: Every Silver Lining

“Sooner or later, someone’s going to be holding a piece of my brain in a jar.”

As the award-winning series comes to a close with its final season, I must say that so far it has failed to disappoint. The second episode of Dexter's eighth season, "Every Silver Lining," jumped right into the cliffhanger that we were left with after the premiere: Someone else knows Dexter's secret. Last season ended with some major OMGs. First, Deb finally discovered that her brother was a serial killer (took her long enough... I guess love really can make you blind?). Then LaGuerta's suspicions about Dexter were making her a huge threat to his secrets. The season ended literally with a bang when Deb chose to save her brother and shoot LaGuerta instead.


The Brain Surgeon

This season introduces a new Miami killer, one who has an affinity towards cutting the brains of his victims--cutely nicknamed the "Brain Surgeon." Without an antagonistic killer dropping bodies on random playgrounds and hiding out in lake cabins, there's definitely no Dexter. Guy's clever though, leaving murder weapons on the scene but with misleading finger prints and dead-end trails. Anytime you can pull a fast one on Dexter with the classic Oh-he's-actually-not-the-killer-I-forced-him-to-do-it, we're all impressed.


Dr. Vogel: Serial Killer Enthusiast

A neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Vogel, is brought into Miami Metro to help shed some light on the motivations behind the "Brain Surgeon." Seems harmless enough, though with that British accent I'd like to think I knew something was up with her from the start.

Mildly suspicious.

Mildly suspicious.

But then all of a sudden, Vogel reveals to Dexter that she knows everything about him. And her casual caressing of body parts seems a little bit more sinister. Turns out she was Harry's psychiatrist, whose main problem just happened to be his psychopathic son, Dexter. My jaw stayed dropped for probably the whole ten minutes when this was being played out at the start of the episode.

Turns out she's inserted herself into the "Brain Surgeon" case (besides that fact that she looooves brains, see above pic) because the killer has started leaving little brain presents on her doorstep as what we assume to be a threat, and she wants Dexter to kill him. Could not tell you why she's so upset about it. Considering her claims that she made Dexter into who he is today (a Henley-wearing serial killer) and her allusions to the fact that there are more like him, she's probably had her fair share of psychopath interactions. It's all old news. Maybe now with all these deliveries, she can do some work from home!

I've come to realize that Dexter has always got to have some mischievous/ troubled/ murderous lady by his side. Lucky for starry-eyed fans of Michael C. Hall like myself, this time it's not a blonde bombshell but a 50 year-old woman who may or may not remind me of the Queen of England. In all likelihood, she's probably the "Brain Surgeon" herself and just wants some cuddle time with her spirit child before all hell breaks loose.

Good luck trying to pry those hands off him.

Good luck prying those hands off him.


Deb: Who cares

This season, Deb is a total disaster with no less curse words to share with the world. Nothing new. She left the Miami PD to do some freelance PI work, stalking out a criminal who had stolen mad jewels. And I guess she inferred that sleeping with him was part of her job description.

But for now, I don't really care because Deb is kind of the bane of my existence. One can only endure so much of the angst she has about her unrequited love for her (step) brother. She and Quinn (because we all know that's going to happen again) are a match made in cantankerous heaven.

Moody as ever.

Moody as ever.


El Paso: Oops, I mean El Sapo

The notorious lurker in the first episode, El Sapo, becomes El Paso sauce when Deb decides to shoot him point-blank after a tussle in the storage warehouse. Another kill count for Deb. The subplot of Deb's PI work/El Paso/her boss Elway definitely needs to be fleshed out more. Knowing how Dexter usually goes, I'm sure it somehow ends up connected to the Brain Surgeon.


Miscellaneous thoughts:

- I never have any idea what Angel Battista is saying, nor do I even remember his sister's name. Sorry, unimportant characters.

- I actually LOLed that LaGuerta, aka the police Captain, dies and all they do in memoriam is put a plaque on some heinous cement bench. Pretty sure no one liked her (myself included) except Battista, but as I said, who really knows what he's saying anyway?

- Completely irrelevant to the episode, but can we just have a #throwbacktuesday to the cutest child to ever walk this earth?

I want.

Can't even.

- This is the first episode that Michael C. Hall has directed. Definitely a commendable job on his part.

- I should probably put out the disclaimer that I did not post for the season's premiere. Let's blame it on the fact that I got sugar-wasted on Popsicles while watching it and then crashed until the next week's episode. Also, it was July 4th week so I was probably too busy saying things like this: Overheard on the 4th.

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