Capital Views: The one where the intern does something right

gavel1I’ve embarrassed myself plenty as an intern. There’s everytime that time I walked out of an elevator and took a split second to look to my left and to my right to figure out which way I needed to go to reach my little cube. Have I figured out anything  in the past six weeks? Yeah, nope.

Let’s see… There’s everytime that time I mistakenly called my cube a “cubicle.” It’s not a cubicle, it’s a cube, so they tell me – it’s bigger and has more drawers and space than a cubicle. Oh! And don’t forget those bunch of few times I tripped over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the city sidewalks.

There’s also plenty of times when I’ve felt lost. Like everytime that time I went to a meeting and sat there wide-eyed in ignorance as my coworkers threw out mysterious acronyms for various departments or organizations or programs or alien conglomerations within AARP.

I even am embarrassed taking the elevator.

I even am embarrassed taking the elevator.

But then… there’s that one day. That. One. Day. When the skies seem to open, the stars align, the sun shines brightly and whatever other monumental astronomical phenomena occur. On a day like that nothing can get ya’ down. And you feel like this:

I’m talking about the day when the intern does something right. Finally. The day when the boss feels she’s made the right decision in hiring you for the summer. The day when you feel like all you’ve done in the those first 19 years of your life have been worth it. The day when you think that life really isn’t that bad…and how stupid you are for feeling crappy when you awoke that morning at some god forsaken hour. You realize that the working world has fulfilling and perhaps even inspirational moments – and maybe you can see yourself having more of them.

I’m not saying I’ve had one of these moments… Okay, fine, I have. I can’t keep it secret any longer.


Where the magic happens.

You caught me. That day, that rare day, I felt like high-fiving a stranger. And maybe belting this aloud:

What I’m trying to say is that success at work – even if it’s at an internship - makes ya’ peppy. You feel like you can do anything. Until you walk out of the metro and it’s pouring rain and you didn’t bring an umbrella. And then you reevaluate.

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