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I know what you tweeted last summer: Miley Cyrus

gavel1So far this summer we have studied the demise of many former child stars. Over the past few months we have witnessed the spoiled-brat behavior of Justin Bieber, the slippery slope that is Lindsay Lohan, and the downright astonishing antics of Amanda Bynes.

However, there is one person that I have seemed to overlook. Someone who has taken her image and done a complete 180, using the uncharacteristic absence from the limelight to fly under the radar.

Someone who used to bop around in sequined tank tops and Limited Too mini skirts and say things like “sweet niblets!” but now takes style cues from Snoop Lion and wears “dope” leotards and grillz in her free time.

Unless you live under a rock you know I’m talking about Miley Cyrus.

style evolution

Like I’m sorry Miley, but what….the….(you know where I am going with this).

When I first heard “We Can’t Stop” on the radio I died when I heard some of the lyrics. I’m sorry but, “La da di da di, we like to party.” No really, please don’t strain too many brain cells songwriting. But I thought, hey the tune isn’t that bad and it kind of stuck in my head so I'll give it a chance.

And then you released your music video.

I can’t even…

The first time I watched it I didn’t know whether I should take it as a joke and laugh or actually be worried that you and your producers thought it made any sense. However, after the fourth time watching it I realized that you were dead serious and I keeled over laughing and couldn’t get enough of it.

Watching you twerk and try to be sensual in that video is like catching a friend in the middle of taking a Snapchat -  the second hand embarrassment sends physical shockwaves through your body but you are just so amazed that they are doing this that you just can’t pry your eyes away.

miley twek       snapchat

Ok I’m sorry I’m getting carried away, I’ll stop.

As my mom always says “You can’t judge a book by its cover." Therefore I decided to check out why almost 13 million people feel it is necessary to follow Miley Cyrus and get an inside look at her daily life.

This is what I found:

As all true fashionistas do, Miley knows how to read her surrounding environment and dress appropriately for the occasion.

You totally nailed the "chic business casual” look the group was going for.

business casual

Even after a long day of work, Miley knows how to play it down and just kick it.

fur coat and dog

Honestly, nothing says “lazy dayz” like lounging around the house in your fur coat while hangin’ with your little guy.

Soooo Rick Ross of you.

rick ross

Not only is Miley tuned in with the fashion of the times, but she also understands the importance of keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle.

workout bike we cant stop

Those mid-party solo spin class breaks are always a must!

After glancing into the personal life of Miley Cyrus, I have not only deepened my appreciation for her as a fashion and health idol but I’ve also realized we share many of the same idiosyncrasies.

taking a rest sleep

OMG that’s how I sleep too!!

peace and pout

You know what they say, “when in doubt, peace and pout!” It’s the best when you’re all like “I’m trying to look cute but at the same time make people think I don’t care.” Sooooo 2006.

peace and pout

Retro and chic, go us!

(Yeah I sported a neck brace. No shame.)

Screenshots and Photo by Katie Tolkowsky/Gavel Media

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