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Capital Views: You never know what will happen at the office

It’s amazing how much can happen at the office without doing a thing.

Here’s my tale of last Tuesday:

It was a pretty mundane day. I went through the typical office routine. I started my commute by missing the T. I got off the metro and walked to work. I took a museum lunch break.

Business as usual, right? WRONG.

My day was all too familiar until …

2 p.m.


Panic attack inducing.

My phone rings. I don’t recognize the number but answer anyway, hoping to be helpful in the only over eager intern way I can. Unfortunately, I could not help whoever was on the other end of the line. The conversation went something like this:

“This is Katie Levingston!”

“Hi, it’s just me, I just wanted to let you know the doors died.”

“What doors?”

*In a debilitating whimper* “Doris. Doris died.”

My heart begins to race as I rack my brain for a Doris I know who could have possibly been at risk of dying. When I come up with nothing I say:

“I’m so sorry, I think you have the wrong number.”


gavel43 p.m.

After recovering from the previous phone fiasco, I’m back on my computer, doing that thing I’m supposed to do called work. My desk is near a large glass conference room where one holds important meetings, makes important decisions and gathers important people. This was one such time. Here I was minding my own business when I hear a booming THUD from that very conference room:


"What was that??!"

"A bird!"

"Oh my god!!!"

So, to recap, not only did Doris die but a bird seemed to have lost its life as well. And it wasn’t even 5 o’clock yet.

6 p.m.

Free at last from any troubles on this god-forsaken day! WRONG.

The metro is packed with cranky D.C. workers. It’s one of the hottest days yet in the lovely swamp that is D.C. Heat makes people on edge. The fact that I witnessed the following almost altercation reveals the psyche of the delirious commuter:


If only my metro car was this populated.

Dude #1 as he walks onto the train: "Y'all are moving f&*%$#*&% slow, people, move!"

Dude #2 who is already on the train: "Sir, don't curse at me!"

Dude #1: "I'll do whatever the h&%* I want!"

Dude #2: "It's kind of difficult to get on when people are getting off, sir."

Dude #1: "Oh shut up!"

Dude #2: "No, you shut up!"

I exchange glances with the people around me, wondering if I will have to move out of the way for the fight that’s about to ensue. Luckily, one of the men almost involved in the brawl gets off the train at the next stop. We could all rest easy.  And I could breathe a sigh of relief for the first time since 2 p.m.

It’s amazing how much can happen outside of the office without doing a thing.


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