Summer School of Rock: The Mowgli's

I’m about to tell you guys something that might make you question everything that I’ve ever said about music. Don’t be alarmed; I still hold true to every lesson, piece of advice, criticism and recommendation that I’ve dished out, but nevertheless, what I’m about to say may shock you.

I listen to the radio sometimes.

I’m ashamed of myself. But desperate times call for desperate measures. What qualifies as desperate, you may ask? The following are all acceptable circumstances for listening to the radio. You can listen to the radio if:

  1. Your iPod has been eaten by a bear.
  2. It looks like there may be a tornado nearby so you turn on your radio to check for any emergency announcements and after the announcements are over, you simply forget to turn it off (happens to the best of us).
  3. Your iPod fell out of the window of your car.
  4. Your computer is being fixed and you have no musical instruments around to entertain yourself.
  5. “Blurred Lines” is on.
  6. Your iPod has been eaten by a mountain lion.
  7. You have satellite radio.

I swear to the music gods, I was acting on circumstance #7. Although #5 would’ve been more than acceptable as well. And encouraged.

Satellite radio is great. Although it’s not typically found in 13-year-old minivans like mine, I had the rare privilege of having access to my brother’s when I visited him in Tacoma, WA, and let me tell you, I gotta get me one of dem der things.

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.

This isn’t your typical, Pitbull-infested radio. Imagine the candy room in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, where you can have an unlimited supply of any music genre you want, whenever you want it. Delicious, right? But don’t let this be the extent of your experience with it. You only live once. Seriously, go get it.

All infatuation aside, the reason I brought up that wondrous, genius invention is because it was through its generous and giving nature that I was led to the happiest up and coming band this world has ever seen. They are the wonderful, the lovely, the superstars, The Mowgli’s.

Lesson #10: Let the radio be your guide (only in circumstance #7).

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more confident about the potential of a new band. Most times, my reactions range from, “Well, 'A' for effort!” to “Wow, I’ve never heard anything so good in my whole entire life! (but I’m pretty sure no one else will like them).” And no, I’m not that critical in every sector of my life, I promise.

But The Mowgli’s have made the future look much brighter. Believe it or not, as much of a book nerd as I am, I don’t say this just because they’re named after the little boy from The Jungle Book. Side note: English majors rule!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.37.42 PMThe Mowgli’s are first and foremost a feel-good band. I mean, growing up in Southern California, surrounded by sunshine, how could they not be? (disappointed sigh after thinking about the grey, six month long New England winter coming up.)

To me, they most exemplify the direction that the music world is going in. As cliché as it is to say that The Mowgli’s are the future of the music industry… The Mowgli’s are the future of the music industry.

Although much of the past 10 years have been about the coffeehouse singer/songwriter or the rapper who goes by any name in the world other than his own, the future is calling for something a little big bigger.

Group bands are becoming more and more popular, from the 12-member Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros to the 8-member Arcade Fire and the 9-member Broken Social Scene. It’s hard to deny the overwhelming energy that comes from everyone you know and their mom jamming out together on stage at the same time. I mean, it did work for Spongebob after all:


Big bands equal big sound, and more and more rock bands are realizing that a big sound captures the listener entirely. No really, the listener can’t escape because they’re trapped by the sound. What a nightmare. And yet a sick, twisted fantasy of mine… oh right, back to The Mowgli’s!

Compiled of eight members who all grew up together in the San Fernando Valley, the group is all about “unity, having a good time, and the idea that humanity can achieve a higher level consciousness.” HELLO. LOVE. The Mowgli’s preach and live by the art of collaboration, working together with a desire to grow and develop as a group.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.36.40 PMAfter two full-length albums and an EP, the group definitely has that Southern California powerpop sound down pat. But as the band says, their style of music is “rock/alternative/Whatever feels good.” With only a few weeks left to enjoy the sun and sand of summer, this LA-based band provides the perfect, laid back soundtrack for your parties, hangouts, or, if you’re like me, exciting reading sessions at home. Best part of a band with a big sound? The potential to sing along with your friends from home without being noticed. Although individual solos do present themselves for the bold and confident out there. We applaud you.

The Mowgli’s are just full of life and energy and take the idea of alternative rock beyond the traditional electric guitar and drum combo to a place where community, togetherness and fun are prioritized.  With their single “San Francisco” having already made headway on alternative radio stations and websites, the band is well on its way to a successful career.

Check out “San Francisco,” as well as their other hits “The Great Divide,” “Waiting for the Dawn,” “Carry Your Will,” and “Say It, Just Say It:”

In the words of the band itself, “The Mowgli’s have set out to win your heart and save the world with love, laughter, and hand claps. Eight friends from Los Angeles who are making music with love, and making love with music.”

Screenshots by Mary Yuengert/Gavel Media


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