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BC Separation Anxiety: Plexy and I know it

BC Separation Anxiety is a blog in which I lament all things BC related that I will miss this summer. The whining is rampant.

This is dangerous territory I’m about to get myself into here. The Plex may well be the most universally despised building on campus. It’s hot, it smells pretty rank, and you always run into that ONE person who you’d rather not see while you’re on a treadmill. Did I mention it smells?

Regardless of all the hate the Plex takes on a daily basis, it’s probably the most used building on campus.  I go weeks at a time without venturing into Fulton or Merkert. But we have a serious problem if I go weeks at a time without hitting up the Plex. No one wants that to happen. Not even 'Ye can help me then.


It’s a solid love/hate relationship between the students at Boston College and the Plex. We use our horrible gym daily but we also love to complain about it to anyone who will listen: “Did I tell you about the time I walked into the locker room and TWO of my professors were standing there naked??” True story. Burn my eyes out please.

Plus I miss hating on the Plex. It’s such a great conversation topic. Forget weather themed small talk, just start any sentence with “This one time at the Plex…” and you’re golden. Think about all of the uncomfortable situations you’ve gotten into on the ellipticals and all of the unfortunate run-ins you’ve had with professors, Mod-buddies, and those awkward “class-only” friends. So many great stories just waiting to be told.

Anyways, I was in Boston this weekend and desperately in need of some exercise.  I decided to hit up everyone’s favorite stanky sauna for a run. Why? Because it’s free. You can’t hate on free gyms. “Free,” a.k.a. my tuition already paid for it and I should really take every opportunity BC gives me to steal back those 50 Gs.

Mmm see how it's nice and blurry from all of the sweat on my phone?

Mmm see how it's nice and blurry from all of the sweat on my phone?

Lesson learned: the Plex is not nearly as entertaining without all of those uncomfortable run-ins.  The summer session kids have smartly eschewed the Plex in favor of the Res, making the gym ridiculously empty yet somehow just as rank and twice as hot. I think they might use foot scented air fresheners, but that’s just a theory.

Naturally I Snap Chatted a picture of the near-empty Plex to half the people I know, which elicited the following responses: “What are you doing,” “Why,” “Da hell,” “Why would you ever go there,” “You’re crazy,” and the ever grammatically correct “Y u in da Plex?” That was my only form of entertainment for about an hour.

There was no people watching to be done, no eye contact to avoid, and no professors to dodge. I didn’t get a single Snap Chat of myself on the bike from a creepy friend who was clearly not paying enough attention to his or her own ab workout. I didn’t even run into any crushes and mortify myself by waving a tad bit too enthusiastically. Where is the fun in that?

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 2.16.03 PM

Isn't it cute how they try to make it look roomy?

As a former Newtoner and Quonset Hut frequenter I live for these squirm-worthy gym moments. Anyone who has lived on Newton knows the pain that is running on a treadmill placed three inches away from a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

You inevitably make eye contact with everyone else in the sweltering 5’x7’ room as you all attempt to get in a workout. The mirrors just make it that much easier to watch the guys checking out your butt as you climb the elliptical. (Don’t think you’re being sneaky. Don’t think we don’t know.) But you’ve got no other options when it’s -25° and the hills of Newton ice over. You’ve got to learn to love the uncomfortable gym moments, because the other option is wallowing in your dorm room with a couple of F’Reals.

So I suppose the BC Separation Anxiety this week is dedicated not to the Plex, but to the awkward Plex-induced social encounters. You can pretend that you hate them. But you’d be lying.  They give us stories to tell our roommates when we get home from our hour and a half in that smelly hellhole. “Guys, you’ll never believe who I just saw doing squats at the Plex…”

If you really miss the general awkwardness of the Plex as much as I do, never fear! They have webcams set up so you can creepily spy from a far. I hope that just made your day.

Featured image and picture of Quonset Hut courtesy of BC Rec.

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